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I've just downloaded the final version of Netscape 6, and it's pretty clear that Netscape is up to their old tricks of letting the world test their software for them.

How many bugs did you find? (I'll post my story on the subject soon.)

-- Anonymous, November 16, 2000


I couldn't get it to install. Pretty much a show stopper for me.

-- Anonymous, November 16, 2000

I guess there weren't enough eyes looking at Mozilla to take care of all the bugs. It's been pretty good for me, but it's crashed twice, which is two times more than the Mozilla nightly build I've been using this week. All that extra AOL stuff must be causing havoc.

-- Anonymous, November 16, 2000

Interestingly enough, I have very few problems with Mozilla; Netscape 6, however, has been a complete wash. The install worked just fine, but launching the browser yields a netscp6.exe process hanging out in the background, and no visible window.

Must be all the side-sell stuff they strapped onto it.

-- Anonymous, November 16, 2000

So it has crashed for me 3 times (about 10 min of use each time) but it renders fast and beautifully. Me thinks that I should try a nightly build of modzilla....

-- Anonymous, November 16, 2000

Is it less buggy than Netscape 4.75? That's all I ask for....

-- Anonymous, November 16, 2000

Netscape 6 so far is working fine for me, except it runs text right up against the sides of the table. Looks like there is 0 default cellpadding in there. It didn't crash and ran every web page I visited.

-- Anonymous, November 16, 2000

Well this isn't a show-stopper, but it's a huge disincetive for me: Select the URL and right click (in Windows). A standard Windows edit box will give you a standard right-click menu (cut/copy/paste).

The NS6 widget doesn't give you any sort of menu. Yes you can paste a URL via a shortcut, but I'm used to mousing my way around. So are a lot of Windows users, I would imagine.

-- Anonymous, November 16, 2000

On the MAC I can't even get it to start.

-- Anonymous, November 16, 2000

There were enough eyes looking at Mozilla to get the bugs out - more than enough. The problem is that Netscape management elected not to fix several showstopper bugs in NS6, even though fixes were readily available in the Mozilla tree.

I hope that some other company jumps in and financially supports some non-Netscape Mozilla developers. I can't get Netscape 6 to install either. I'm waiting for Mozilla 1.0.

-- Anonymous, November 16, 2000

Well - i got it to download and everything was ok till it started crashing - a lot! I might try install it again -and i might not - But i will tell you that the latest Mozilla build is not perfect but it definitly doesn't crash as much as N6 - who knows maybe it will all be ok by Netscape 9


-- Anonymous, November 16, 2000

Netscape bug

you gotta configure the dip switches man.

-- Anonymous, May 31, 2001

The lack of context menus in some widgets is a real pain for me---I'm left handed so ctrl-x, c, and v are kind of awkward. Also, somewhere between 4.x and 6 Netscape managed to lose the LDAP-connection feature of the address book. (Unless it's just deeply hidden somewhere. Did I miss it?) I work at a university with a well-managed LDAP database that I've come to rely on and not having access to it has been enough to stop me from using NS6 for mail.

-- Anonymous, November 17, 2000

Seems most people agree that running the current Mozilla build gives a better experience than N6 - me too.

Seems the time Netscape took to package their fork from the tree led to a worse situation than if they'd just pulled it out of CVS last Friday night, compiled, and shipped it Saturday.

-- Anonymous, November 17, 2000

Netscape installer for linux

SUCK big time. It hangs as it downloads the packages and never finishes, this was my 105th attempt to install Netscape 6 on my RedHat box. This was also a last one. Netscape was and still is the worsest piece of junk ever coded.

-- Anonymous, January 24, 2001

Installed the French version. Some problem during install, but still I could make it run A couple of crash during 30 mn of usage (but on non critical functions usage) French version is not correcly localized (some menu item seems to be more than 20 chars long and so are truncated!) A non functionnal OK button in a Composer dialog box Minor UI display problem but irritating ("document loaded" message during URL loading instead of URL) However rendering engine seems a lot faster than 4.75 and no crash on displaying pages. Seems for me to the level of a beta product.

I'm afraid that the only choix soon for (free) browser is IE! Scary monopoly.

-- Anonymous, November 17, 2000

Mozilla works. Mozilla-embedded-in-Galeon works. Netscape 6 appears to be a dead loss.

-- Anonymous, November 17, 2000

Regardless of current release's bug content, I was completely turned off by it's look and feel when I installed the beta. Uninstall couldn't work fast enough for me back then and I refuse to download the final release now.

This comes from an old-line Unix guy, M$oft hater and Netscape loyalist since version 0.9. The trouble is, all my Unix boxes come with Netscape installed. I shudder to think what the next release of AIX or Solaris will foist on me.

-- Anonymous, November 17, 2000

Well, I gave it a whirl and I have to say, I'm very very impressed with the layout and useability. However, the fact that it DOESN'T WORK kinda upsetted me. Oh well.. back to Netscape Communicator 4.61...

-- Anonymous, November 17, 2000

Netscape hasn't released a major software release in so many years, that we've forgotten just how buggy their software has always been. Player haters dis Microsoft, but Netscape has always been uglier and buggier. Netscape/AOL/iPlanet haven't shipped for so long, they continue to lose focus on their customers. They've forgotten incremental development and with Mozilla they've been shooting for the moon. Sorry, software doesn't work that way. Ship earlier, ship often. Listen to your customers. You write software for them, not your ego.

-- Anonymous, November 17, 2000

Netscape 6 is buggy as all hell, but you may want to try the nightly Mozilla builds (avaliable here). I use Mozilla exclusivly now (on Linux) and I have had no major bugs, and the program is more stable than 4.7. I have also used it on Windows and find it faster than IE5.5.

-- Anonymous, November 19, 2000

My first impressions is that it's very clear Netscape is an AOL subsidiary.

The default install has AOL's mark all over it. It's slow, clunky, and crash-happy. On my primary platform--Macintosh, Netscape 6 doesn't even look or feel like a Macintosh application. The scrollbars aren't native, but some ugly Netscape-created widgets. Contextual pop-up windows aren't enabled (this is unforgiveable).

Along the bottom of the Netscape interface are pop-up windows (if they can do it here, why can't they do it for the main body?) that display a pre-set list of commercial and AOL-related websites that I have no interest in. If Netscape made these lists alterable, then it'd be a useful feature. Because they don't, I view it as an advertisement and feel my gag reflex kicking in.

The sidebar "my tabs" is a good idea, but good grief--make it work! I spent OVER TWO HOURS trying to create my own tab of "Apple-related technical sites" for quick-access while I'm at work. Despite following the instructions at Netscape's site, I couldn't get it to work. And, the my tabs preferences tended to overwrite themselves far too regularly.

And, it crashes. A lot. And it's slow--even on my PowerBook 500MHz. And it's ugly, even with alternate skins. And it displays quite a bit of HTML incorrectly. Enough said.

I felt like I was using AOL's clunky and insulting interface. If I wanted to use AOL, I'd install AOL.

I refuse to use IE out of principle despite it's decent features and performance. So it's back to Netscape 4.7.6 and iCab 2.2 for me. Sorry, Netscape, don't expect me to get excited about another of your products any time soon. You've really disappointed me.

-- Anonymous, November 19, 2000

I am waiting for some version number with out the word Preview in it. I know. I know. I was one of those pimple-faced beta testers eager for every little revision. But no more.

Either way I can't wait to use Mozilla or Netscape once they are stable. Windows 98 and IE5 is alright until you realize that it's NOT normal for the browser to crash when you start typing into them text fields. Choices are good.

There's still some pimples in me. Just got OpenBSD to do ppp on a lame ol 486...

The web is dead. But it will be rebranded as something else in 50 years. With a augmented reality interface I guess. We humans just can't seem to give up on the simplicity of computerized form-filling.

Okay, enough of my 2 cents..

-- Anonymous, November 20, 2000

The biggest bug with Netscape is that it exists. Don't need it, don't want it. Don't want to talk about it. Don't want to see it, hear it, know of it, or even smell it (that will be hard).

Its a blight on the landscape.

-- Anonymous, November 20, 2000

I have been usingNetscape for 5 years but drifted away and currently use IE 5.5 on Windows 2000. Thought I would give Netscape a try again. This new version had dll problems during the load, locks up and crashes. Only had it on the system for about 24 hours. I have enough problems debugging MicroSoft products. Don't feel like debugging Netscape/AOL

-- Anonymous, November 20, 2000

I've been trying Mozilla since M9, and it's getting better but N6 is an awful piece of software and one should try the nightlies. The drop-down-menu in preferences for wheelmouse has never worked for me. I'll come back in six months, and 'til then it's Opera for me.

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2000

It's been working really well for me - sidebars, mouse wheel, and all (on Debian w/ 2.4 kernel, not officially supported by N6). My biggest problems are: - no Flash - :hover stopped working after a little while - it crashes occasionally, maybe once a day (and I use it *constantly*)

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2000

Netscape 6. What an abortion. What a visual scar on my desktop. So many things on it screaming for my attention. The really horrible ´just register, no, go on, it´s easy, please, no, really, I insist, no, REGISTER, why? BECAUSE no one knows how to make money in this ´free sofware model´ and we´re going to sell your demographics by changing our privacy policy when you´re not looking´ approach is messed up.

It´s not so much that Microsoft won the browser war through any of its normal ´cross-platform anticompetitive leveraging´ tricks (as one judge described it), but simply because, like Apple, Netscape has proven themselves completely inadequate for the task.

You know, imagine if Microsoft wasn´t around! We´d be STUCK with this miserable aberration called Netscape Navigator 6. Strategically, it doesn´t bode well with this ´concession of defeat´ by Netscape, but well, Microsoft must be really laughing now.

With no serious browser to compete with Microsoft, how does this bode for the future? It´s pretty earth shattering. Microsoft really would prefer that Apple and Unix just went away. With the whole world focused on the browser now, Microsoft appears to be once again on top.

What yuz fullas think?

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2000

As someone who's run development and support for a public website, I think we should all be more realistic about the quality of IE versions. Every single .0 IE has caused problems for a significant number of users, which they often blame on the website.' tml

But I certainly agree that the stability of Mozilla/Netscape (on Win) has not improved over 4.6, which is a big disappointment.

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2000

I found some bugs, but I don't care. They'll fix it quickly and the rest is so good I think Microsoft still has a competitor in the browser market. I downloaded, installed and ran Netscape 6 a couple of days ago and there's one detail that I superenjoyed. One can set the the mousewheel (if there is one on the mouse) to adjust fontsize dynamically...and it doesn't ever stop. I enlarged a font fourthousand (4000) percent. The webpage became a piece of art when I scrolled. And I made a version of with a huge font as well. It looks like a MIT MediaLab Demo. You can actually set the wheel to function as the history list as well. It's stuff like this I want. It makes surfing ten times better and faster. This has really brought out the geek in me, the nerd actually. Elastics, dynamic parameters and browsersettings hahaha I like it.

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2000

Mozilla nightly builds are definitely better than NS6. If Netscape is unable to fix this product fast, they are probably done.

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2000

Am I the only one unable to download netscape 6?

I've tried multiple page (using IE) and I got to a few that said "Thank you for downloading Netscape" except nothing was getting downloaded.

I guess the only way would be to use the smart downloader, but we have a T1 at work, I don't really need the "added reliability" of smartdownload (or its adds).

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2000

Three things I noticed which I disliked immediately from 6 over 4.7:

1. No option to mimimize the direction buttons and thus increase screen space without completely eliminating that toolbar.

2. Bookmark management contines to get worse. I can use 'file bookmarks' to get a URL in the directory I wanted to, but now that option is gone and I'd have to manage the whole bookmark file just to get things where they belong. I'm still PO'd you can't alphabetize them, either.

3. The newsreader is also worse, with the ability to thread messages inoperable.

The only thing I liked was the ability to get Japanese language support, but that's hardly enough to reccommend the program. It hit the bit bucket after one day's exploration. Look like it's Opera or Mozilla for me.

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2000

Newsreader? What newsreader? Is this another component that couldn't get installed because I didn't have enough space on C:\WINNT?

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2000

You have to remember that any software version with ".0" is likely to be full of errors, and that a good software company will fix these as soon as possible. Any programmer knows it's easy to overlook something when there are zillions of details, and Netscape is no exception. The real problem is Marketing, who may not seem to understand the developer's perspective, and the pressure to get something out in the public after 3 years. What do you want them to do, take 2 more years?

And remember that Netscape 4.0 wasn't so hot, but it did get fixed in future 4.x versions. Personally, I'm using Mozilla nightly build. From what I've understood, Netscape 6 is based on mozilla 17 (I may be wrong, the development path they've developed is a bit confusing) and hence the bugs you are experiencing.

I'd wait until at least Netscape 6.01 or even 6.03 before passing final judgement.


-- Anonymous, November 22, 2000

By the way, check out . . . here's what the blurb on the front page says:

Beonex is an internet client software suite targetted at end-users - both invidiuals and small- to large-size companies - and services related it.

They'll be basing the software on Mozilla, and part of the goal is to generate revenue to help support the Mozilla development side. No Mac version yet, but I'm hoping they'll implement one soon.


-- Anonymous, November 22, 2000

gee, I don't know what everyone else is doing wrong on their systems, but Netscape 6 running under both Win95B and NT 4.0 is working flawlessly.

Of course, neither box has Internet Explorer on them. I did do a full uninstall on Netscape 6 PR3 prior to the Netscape 6 Release install. And I do still have Netscape Navigator 4.08 running too - but overall I absolutely LOVE Netscape 6 - I have found it to be 100% stable after since I installed it (the day after it was released). It hasn't crashed once - seriously. With Netscape Nav 4.08 I got a crash every other day (no big deal, it didn't hang the OS like IE5.5 does) but I would just restart it.

I've been very happy with all the Netscape browsers so far - they beat the Microsoft (oops, sorry - Spyglass) browser IE totally.

Maybe everyone who is complaining about their PC should learn how to properly install Windows...

My two cents...

-- Anonymous, November 22, 2000

Netscape 6 does not work with Scottrade's active streamer for stock quotes.

-- Anonymous, November 22, 2000

I get a crash on start-up when running on my skanky Win95 machine. This after several days of trying to download the thing. The worst part is that there seems to be no bug database that I can search to see if the error I'm getting is common, and has a easy fix. Back to IE for me.

-- Anonymous, November 23, 2000

been fine for me, bizarrely - i expected lots of bugs (since it's essentially milestone 18 repackaged) - but my win2k Pro machine handles it very well. complaints? slow to load, and to switch to using alt+tab, but it's currently my main browsing platform ( i test web stuff on IE5.5, IE4, Opera 4, NN4 and NN6) - there are a couple of very minor script bugs, but nothing life-threatening, especially when compared to 4.x



-- Anonymous, November 24, 2000

I sent a note via AOL to Steve Case (Netscape is owned by AOL) to highlight the following.

Netscape 6.0 does not retain "preferences" from one session to another.

The print function is abominable as there is no "print preview", no way to print one page and web pages that do print are scattered across multiple physical printer pages with large blocks of white paper.

I cannot communicate with banking sites as there is a problem with SSL.


-- Anonymous, November 24, 2000

Thank for clearing everything up for us Mr. Poole. Apparently NS6 is the greatest program ever unfortunately we are all too stupid too figure out how to install it.

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2000

I haven't had a crash, but one thing that annoys me is that it doesn't "remember" the position and window style from last time. I prefer the browser window maximized, and when I start it it is half off the screen.

The Print button doesn't seem to have a tooltip either.

The first thing I did when I installed it is to open some XML documents I'd been working on. IE 5.5 had been doing client-side XSL transforms on them quite nicely. NS6 just displayed the files like they were HTML with unrecognizable tags -- I assume this is the designed behaviour, however I am used to a little more technology at my fingertips. You'd think with XML being used so much in the product that they'd actually be able to render XML documents in some way!

-- Anonymous, November 27, 2000

Like many of the responders above, I was sooo looking forward to socking one to M$ and IE5.X with this long awaited NS6, which I'd loyally stuck to thru some trying times, ESPECIALLY the recent XML "era" when IE was winning hands-down with it's default XSL stylesheet rendering of .xml instances. Like the writer above, the LEAST I expected from NS6 was decent XML compliance. What a letdown! Apparently, based on the assumption that most people will be using CSS for web rendering (makes you wonder what they really think of XML/XSL), NS decided not to have a default "tree view" XSL stylesheet like that used by IE5 and MSXML parser to render XML docs. That's fine, but NS can count on most XML dev efforts NOT to use their browser in design-time, and inevitably, this will likely mean runtime too. Speaking of runtime, if it weren't for my persistence, I wouldn't even have managed to install the damn thing on my one PC, which has all sorts of JRE conflicts/errors as a result of the install. I doubt the average user would persist after this, like I did, and install the product on a virgin machine, just to check it out...

-- Anonymous, November 27, 2000

I am having big problems now after installing netscape6! I didn't like it so I went back to my 4.5 version and NOW all my jpeg and gif files are titled mozilla JPEG Image File or mozilla GIF Image File. I cannot view them anymore! When I click on them to view them a stupid window pops up that says "windows cannot find the file netscp6.exe which is needed to open the file of type mozilla JPEG Image File" I also cannot "save image as" to my hard drive as it comes up with the same window stating windows cannot find netscp6.exe. This is infuriating!!! I cannot edit my web page because of this. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this problem??????? Please?

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2000

Mozilla images

I successfully rid my computer of the Mozilla association for JPEG and GIF files by using the help provided at at Mircosoft site ( Essentially, you must open My Computer, click on View, and then Folder Options. Next, choose Files Types. Inside the Registered File Type box choose the Mozilla JPEG file (or GIF) file and press the Remove button. This deletes the association but not the actual images on your computer. Next, find a JPEG OR GIF image file that was previously a Mozilla file and double-click it. You will be asked to specify an association for the image. Choose IE or whatever else you would like. You should now be able to open the file by directly double clicking on the icon. Assuming you choose IE as the association for the file, you may want to change the icon from the Microsoft "e" to a jpeg or gif image icon. You can do this by going back to the Folder Options/File Type section and selecting the JPEG or GIF File in the Registered File Type list box. Next press edit and then press the Change Icon button. Select whatever icon you would like. That's it, you're finished.

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2001

Mozilla files-- a pain

Thanks Rob , That was very helpful.

Kind regards, Pradeep

-- Anonymous, July 11, 2001


I cant tell you how much I appreciate your help. I was going absolutely nuts. ANd the instructions were so easy to follow. thank you very very much

-- Anonymous, September 17, 2001

Mozilla Gif jpeg image files

Hi, I've just read your message. I was wondering if you had had an answer to your problem which is exactly the one I have now. Thanks Mara

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2001

what is up with tables in ns6? my pages are looking mighty shabby table-wise, even though they're just fine in 4.6 and, of course, in any version of ie. is there a trick i'm missing for creating tables for netscape 6? tables have always been difficult in ns, and i have to say that i think that this is getting worse ...

-- Anonymous, December 18, 2000

How do you release the mozilla.jpg so I can reopen my images? My website is locked and I cannot upload or make changes since I removed the Netscape 6 which is a disaster.

-- Anonymous, December 24, 2000

N6. Ill thought out childish crap

-- Anonymous, December 30, 2000

think I have a problem with tables where I have used them for containing image slices. A horizontal area of white space is left between each table. This can be reduced and eventually removed by reducing the text size. What appears to happen in Netscape 6 is that not only is the font size made larger or smaller but this also effects the tables that do not contain text. I can find no way of fixing through html even when each cell has clearly defined height and width parameters ? See www.milestones- for an example. Also Netscape 6 will load a few times then nothing !

-- Anonymous, December 31, 2000

I've solved my problem, but N6 requires some trial and error to make pages look good where they will look fine in othe browsers! Adding image placing ABSBOTTOM. ABSMIDDLE and TOP finally did the trick.

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2001

So you took the moral high ground by being "100% HTML 4" complient? Well done? By being so strict with how NS 6 renders HTML, 99% of the world's web sites don't work or display correctly. Well done Netscape - you must be so proud? Will you please just go into the night and not come back? You simply make everone's lives harder. Just give up and do us all a favor!

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2001

PLEASE HELP - I downloaded 6.0 and I HATED IT. I went back to 4.76 but now I can't open any JPEG files. I get 'cannot find Netscp6.exe' Please help. thanks

-- Anonymous, January 06, 2001

someone emailed me the solution to the NETSCP6.exe problem which own't let you view jpeg files once you delete netscape 6 >I solved the problem by going to 'my computer' - 'explore' >'view' 'folder options' 'file types', then for allthe mozilla jpeg and >mozilla gif and >regular jpeg and gif , you click on each one indiviually and >click 'edit', then open and 'edit again - and change the path to >'netscape.exe' >by browsing - its really c:\program files\netscape etc etc etc >good luck

-- Anonymous, January 07, 2001

I am heartbroken. As heartbroken as breaking up with my very first girlfriend. Netscape 666 has broken my back and my spirit. I now have to choose between keeping 4.75 as is, or go to the whore on the streetcorner, I call her IE.

-- Anonymous, January 11, 2001

Have had a number of problems with netscape. I have been sent a picture dcc whenever I try to open them I get a message of lack of netscp6.exe file, Where can I load this file.Anyone with any advise that can enable me to see the photos without encontering that missing file

-- Anonymous, January 13, 2001

Well - it's a nightmare isnt it? At last I thought Netscape was going to produce a browser that would re-establish their position - but it's terrible. It screws up half the JavaScript on web pages I've written and ones I look at. It is inconsistent - sometimes it displays a page properly and other times it wrecks it, and it STILL doesent render CSS style sheets properly. What a mess - I only hope this convinces everyone to use IE5+ and then I wont have to write a web site in a couple of hours that works perfectly in IE and spend the next 3 days making it work in NN.......absolute rubbish!

-- Anonymous, January 20, 2001

How to get JPEGs to display after uninstalling Netscape 6

A LOT of people have been asking me this question, and my email address has changed from to this, so I'll post a public answer.

What you probably want to do is re-associate them with Internet Explorer (or whatever browser you normally use).

1. Double-click on My Computer and navigate to a directory that contains a .jpg file (any one will do). 2. Select any .jpg file, and while holding the Shift key, right click on it. 3. Select Open With... 4. From the dialog that appears, select "Internet Explorer" or "iexplore" (or whichever browser you want to use to view JPEG files). 5. Check the checkbox that says "Always use this program..." 6. Click OK. From now on, when you doubleclick a .jpg file, IE will open it.

Have fun!


-- Anonymous, January 22, 2001

Bugs and stupidity reign supreme. No right click?????? I loved being forced to join the netscape community to activate this piece of pungent rubbish as well. It grabbed some old broken proxy settings of my machine from somewhere so setup activation was a nightmare becasue it kept tring to use the broken proxy to talk to home base(Brother Big 1 thereof). Thanks Netscape you really have the got the client screwing technique to an almost MS level. AOL - Amazingly Offensive Losers. Chin up though kids 4.76 is alright - and it's faster too. If you have got 4.75 or 4.76 keep them or do like I did and shove netscape 6 in a different directory so you can compare and laugh. dave.

-- Anonymous, February 02, 2001

NS6 really really sucks when it comes to javascript & java. Ive only got one applet working in NS6 when everything used to work in NS4.x And now even "screen.width" no longer works properly. It thinks your screen res is 1024x768 no matter what. Youd think netscape would have 'improved' their browser instead of passing off this tripe!

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2001

- Actually the screen.width thing does work, but you have to close and reopen netscape everytime you change the settings (the only broswer that you have to)

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2001

Thanks for this site. It came up when I used GOOGLE searching using the words Netscape 6 printer problems single Page Multiple. It would be nice to have a local search on the site because I could not find the article that brought me there. I had to go to Netscape 6 from 4.7 because my server Verio said it may not be authorizing me because 4.7 does not have the proper security or something that 6.0 has. 6.0 works. Problems so far...... 1. I can not print a single page as I could on 4.7. Any idea on how to fix that ? I hate to waste pages on stuff I dont need to print. 2. Now almost all my mail won't send because " The mail Server is prohibiting something." so I have to use my yahoo to go out. Should I reload netscape 6 or get it from the net? Brian Nelson 713-467-3025

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2001

Rollovers anyone? While these appear correctly in old Netscape and in IE, they appear/disappear at will in 6. Sometimes you see them and sometimes you don't...Any ideas? Am using the onClick to change the image being displayed. So far, that's my major complaint.

Plus the spacing around forms in tables. We used to drop the close form inside the table to eliminate this. Now the tagging has to be appropriate (understandable), but result doesn't work in old browsers. So we still writing for multiple browsers (Netscape included)

-- Anonymous, March 08, 2001

Just want to thank everyone on this board for helping me get my Mozilla JPEG's off my pc.. what a nitemare, the information was very good.

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2001

I must say that I'm sick of designing sites, successfully testing with IE, then altering the code heavily so that they will also work in Netscape. If you are using anything other than very basic html, netscape is going to need workarounds. Especially if you are doing any CSS and expect it to work in NS4.x. I was excited with Netscape 6, considering it was made to sound like the CSS support was unprecedented. Needless to say, despite the improvements, it was a big letdown. Not only is it still painstaking to get any relatively complex code to work the way it should, NS6 is slow to load and slow to view pages. I can't believe how slow it runs on a Dual PIII 733 with 512MB of RAM, running win2k. Netscape needs to go. I was an avid user until the past year or so, when, despite the fact that it's microsoft, I started using IE. I was ashamed to say that it impressed me, but it continues to do so. Sorry, Netscape.

*note: the aol email address is only so my main email doesn't get spammed unmercifully.

-- Anonymous, March 16, 2001

Once I'v create 2 dynamically generated menus for both browsers: NN4 & IE4 (LAYERs & DIVs). But NN6 cruhed all my hopes. It doesn't works with their own (Netscape's) dynamic HTML!!! Where's those layers??? What is DOM??? Thinks, there's only one real browser: IE. 'Cause it fully supports HTML 4.0 & CSS2 standarts.

-- Anonymous, March 20, 2001

"..The install worked just fine, but launching the browser yields a netscp6.exe process hanging out in the background, and no visible window.." For me it work OK for a while, then I stumbled into behavior mentioned above. The program launches the splash and goes straight into a giant memory leak. It hogs more and more memory, doesn't start and has to be stopped before it eats all mem up. Uninstall and reinstall doesn't help after these symptoms..

-- Anonymous, March 22, 2001

Where do I find or down load NETSCP6.EXE. There are pictures that will not come up...

-- Anonymous, March 22, 2001

My Netscape 6 won't play any sound files .wav, .au. When I load a page with a sound file it says I need a plug-in, kindly directs me to a plug-in page, where it informs me that there are no matches found. I currently have Quicktime and Realplayer installed. Both play sound files fine independently of Netscape and my IE loads Quicktime automatically to play embed files. Any ideas?

-- Anonymous, March 23, 2001

I have to say I ran into just about every problem here. What I did was do a bare install of Netscape 6 (without just about any components). This way the install would work (took me 5 times). Next, make sure you install Sun Java 2. N6 is based upon this for those of you it doesn't come up and just runs in the background. Well, theres my contribution, gotta go!

-- Anonymous, March 23, 2001

Beware all you folks with digital camera programs. Shou you ever install Netscape 6 and ever try to remove it, there will be residuals left in the system which will not allow you to work with any of the info you have associated with your installed digital info. In short, if you have any family or otherwise nonreplaceable pictures, "YOU CAN KISS THEM GOOD-BYE!" That is unless someone from Netscape can inform us how to rid ourselves of these residuals, wich if the system were any good would have removed temselves when uninstalled.

-- Anonymous, April 10, 2001

Beware all you folks with digital camera programs. Shou you ever install Netscape 6 and ever try to remove it, there will be residuals left in the system which will not allow you to work with any of the info you have associated with your installed digital info. In short, if you have any family or otherwise nonreplaceable pictures, "YOU CAN KISS THEM GOOD-BYE!" That is unless someone from Netscape can inform us how to rid ourselves of these residuals, which if the system were any good would have removed temselves when uninstalled.

-- Anonymous, April 10, 2001

When I have a function, NS6 on a Mac won't render the window in the specified height, width, scrollbars, resize, etc...

I also can't get self.close() to work at all...

-- Anonymous, April 11, 2001

Am I correct - there is no way to file a bookmark directly: instead you have to hit add bookmark then go back into manage bookmarks? If so, why on earth would this functionality be removed in Netscape 6?

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2001

I have two very frustrating problems with my Netscape 6 address book. The first is that it is very erratic at retaining new entries. I do not dare discard any e-mail addresses, for I am as likely not to find the address I entered into my address book the next time I try to use it. I always check to see if it appears in the address book after entering it, but even if it does it is likely to have disappeared the next time I want it.

The other problem is that my address lists are also undependable. Some of my lists include 4-5 copies of all the addresses. Some I have changed back to the way they should be several times, and they may revert back to the multiple listings at some time in the future. They may function properly for a while, and then suddenly have the multiple listings again.

A different problem that I have is with "Sent" messages reappearing in my "Unsent Messages" folder. There are two messages I sent in November which periodically reappear in my list of unsent messages. I have deleted them countless times, emptied my trash, etc., but they still show up every once in a while!

Any suggestions?

-- Anonymous, May 25, 2001

Well, its apparent that Netscape is losing steam in the whole browser war, and I think that version 6 isn't adding to coal to the fire. Man, I have been having pains developing my pages for it, with abnormal spacing in my table cells to not having the same support as MSIE in regards to CSS and DHTML - I personally think Netscape could pull themselves out of this rut if they just start supporting more stuff that is becoming more and mainstream. And if they speed it up, gosh its slower than 4.77 . . . hehe. My 2-bits.

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2001

I started to download ns6, got to file 5 of 15 then it quit on me stating error, didn't copy down error message, but I remembered that Wallpaper & Screensaver should be turned off too. So I did that and downloaded NS 6 again wonderful all 15 files. Then right at the end I got another error some file was missing. I got on my computer @ 5.00 and its now 7.01 pm. Okay back to 4.76 I give up. NKB

-- Anonymous, June 07, 2001

For anyone who had problems with the rollovers in Netscape 6.0.... Netscape seems to have fixed the problem in version 6.01 available on their site.


-- Anonymous, July 26, 2001

Welcome to the world according to AOL. This software is just hilariously bad! AOL should be embarassed... what a complete disgrace! I am sorry, but I will NOT rewrite my html/javascript for Netscape 6+ users. If you are stupid enough to use (tolerate) this browser you don't deserve to view my site as it was intended. Netscape officially died with v4.76. Absolutely putrid AOL rubbish! I don't know if I should feel happy or sad? At this point I guess I'm just happy to have it completely uninstalled.

-- Anonymous, November 02, 2001

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