Wista reflex folding hood with Horseman FA?

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Can I use folding reflex hood Wista on my Horseman FA?

-- Dmitri Orlov (ds_orlov@yahoo.com), November 15, 2000



My initial guess would be "no." In the case of my Wista SP, the Wista folding reflex hood replaces the folding focusing hood on the gg frame. So unless the dimensions and the hinge/latch arrangement of the Wista are identical to Horseman, I say it would be unlikely. Perhaps others readers who have compared both cameras side by side could provide a more definative answer.

-- Matt Long (long@ycsi.net), November 16, 2000.

The answer is no, I tried the opposite a binolupe from Horseman on Wista VX and everything is totally different, Good luck

-- Andrea Milano (milandro@multiweb.nl), November 16, 2000.

I don't know if you can use the folding focusing hood from Wista, but I believe that you can use the folding focusing hood from Toyo. Their rubber monocular viewer fits perfectly on my HD and it fits in the same position as the folding focusing hood.

Good luck.

-- Randy Redford (redford01@home.com), November 16, 2000.

Yes, toyo binolupe(45 G) fitted indde my Horseman EM , so I guess, this, would be true for folding hood too, Toyo is in general cheaper than Horseman(added bonus).

-- andrea milano (milandro@multiweb.nl), November 17, 2000.

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