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can i get a summary of The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Feather

-- Anonymous, November 15, 2000



Well, this is, to be sure, one of the very best works of Poe, even though it have not been quite famous one. Also this is my favorite. --------------- I, the narrator, gave a causal visit to a lunatic asylum located somewhere in southern France, on my journey with a company. It has been well known for its unique "system of soothing" which avoided all the punishment and seldom applied confinement. It let the lunatics roam about the house and garden. It meant unusual liberty for the madmen.

On entering the house, I saw a young lady who looked quite accomplished and good looking, but also I felt something unpleasing.

Monsieur Maillard, the superintendent of this mad-house welcomed me and showed enough kindness to me as his quest. He told me the system of soothing had been over, since it, in it's nature, included possible danger. .

I was invited to dinner, which I soon found to be exceedingly lavish, and the people there first look highclassed but on second sight and thought, I noticed that everything was wierd about them. While their high-spirited conversation, each of the guest there told stories about mad people they previously had known, sometimes even mocked, like the lady who thought herself a chicken, a man a tee-totm, a man a donkey, etc..

Also Maillard told me that his new system was influenced by the theories of Dr Tarr and Professor Fether. And he told me the old story of a riot caused by the system of soothing, that the lunatics took over the asylum and confined the keepers. They adopted new system of the idea that the lunatics rule.

While dining, a few terrible yelling could be heard, which made the guests terrified, that Maillard explained as the sound of the efforts that the lunatic were making to break free.

Suddenly a gang of Orang-ootan like men broke into the dining room, and the dining became a chaos...Terrified quests suddenly did the lunatic behaviors, which they themselves told during the dinner, like chicken,tee totum, donkey, frog, champagne bottle, etc

Those intruders were tarred and covered with feather...

Then I realized that the prevoius keepers were shut up in the cell and covered with tar and feather..

The whole story there was the story of Maillard, who was actually the superintendent of that property, but later went mad and became the head of lunatics riot. The system he newly adopted was the one the lunatics ideal system... And there actually were no Dr Tarr nor Prof Fether.. ---------- Well, this is really difficult to summerize this story. mainly because I've read this one a few years ago, and I'm non-native speaker of English.. But I guess that the real reason is that it's almost impossible to make this story short, because none of the elements in this story is useless for the whole story..

Hope this would be any little help for you..and sorry if not

Rgds sjkim

-- Anonymous, November 17, 2000

If my summary not enough, or need any opinion, pls post yout words.

B.rgds sj kim

-- Anonymous, November 17, 2000

get a summary on the book The Call of The Wild

-- Anonymous, September 10, 2002

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