What happened to Polacolor 100?

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Is there no longer a Polaroid 100 speed colour film in 4x5?

What happened to Polacolor 100? (Is this type 79?. I just tried my supplier and they couldn't find any - it isn't on the Polaroid website (or Polaroid Canada) and B&H doesn't seem to list it anywhere....

Tim A

-- tim atherton (tim@KairosPhoto.com), November 15, 2000


Response to Polaroid 4x5 colour

Datasheets for Polaroid 4x5 films are available at http://www.polaroid.com/service/filmdatasheets/4_5/index.html

There are two ASA 100 color sheeet films for the 545 holders listed, "PolaColor Pro 100" for outside the USA and "T-79 Polacolor Pro 100" for the US market. It seems likely they are the same; one wonders why Polaroid wants different names for the two markets.

B&H also has it on their website.

-- Michael Briggs (michaelbriggs@earthlink.net), November 15, 2000.

Hi Tim,

In 4x5 film size onlt, T-79 and PcPro 100 is the same film.

IN 8x10 and 4x5 pack film and T-100 they are 2 DIFFERENT products


-- Bill Jefferson (jefferw@polaroid.com), November 20, 2000.

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