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I have seen references to a work called "Lines On Ale" by Edgar Allan Poe. I would like to locate a copy of this.


Len Radwanski

-- Anonymous, November 15, 2000



The short poem "Lines on Ale" has only been attributed to Poe, with some measure of reservation, by T. O. Mabbott. It is said to have been written about 1848/1849. According the Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore web site, this poem, in manuscript form, hung on the wall of a tavern for years before it was eventually lost. The poem was recovered as shown from the memory of a Mr. Jerry Murphy. For information notes by Mabbott about this poem, see Mabbott's "Poems", pg 449.


Fill with mingled cream and amber,

I will drain that glass again.

Such hilarious visions clamber

Through the chamber of my brain -

Quaintest thoughts - queerist fancies

Come to life and fade away;

What care I how time advances?

I am drinking ale today.


-- Anonymous, November 15, 2000

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