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I have recently seen Konica Bellows 3 and 2D models coupled with slide copier attachments. Does anyone know if a macro lens of a particular focal length is required to copy slides with these set-ups?

-- Anonymous, November 15, 2000


Copying Slides


The Konica bellows/slide copier combo has enough adjustment that either a 55mm Macro-Hexanonm or a "normal" lens (reversed is best) will allow you to either copy the whole slide or crop it. To reverse the lens, you will need both a reversing ring and a reverse adapter for the slide copier that provides a smooth ring (emulating the lens' filter ring) to snuggle up to the slide copier. Whilst there are both Konica and 2nd source reversing rings commonly available, the slide copier reverse adapter is, to my knowledge, a Konica only item. These appear on ebay from time to time.


-- Anonymous, November 15, 2000

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