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Many thanks to you all for your replies so far. I will, in future correspondence, be raising the Human Rights Act as to reasonable time and will let you know the response. Has anyone got any views on the admission of no money judgement as to if I do not have a debt as in my first question. I have tried to speak to Carol Riley again but as yet she has not contacted me and do not know how far to take this in correspondence.

Two other areas of concern to me are that I was never notified of repossession by the Halifax and only learnt of it through a friend who was still in contact with my ex partner. The Halifax had my forwarding address and phone number and had been in contact with me. Surely, in accordance with Statutory Limitations as I have read on this site, they were obliged by law to inform me of the repossession. Any thoughts/help on this on.

Also, just so you all know, IT IS NOT the Lender who is chasing me but Solicitors acting for a Debt Collection agency who are, in turn, acting for the Royal and Sun Alliance who were the MIG company. Does this change things at all?

Sorry about not giving my name last time but, despite this excellent web site, without which I would be lost, I am unsure of who to trust at the moment. Any suggestions of good solicitors in Essex if/when this goes to court?

-- Matt (mattyc@ntlworld.com), November 15, 2000

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