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I own a Konica FT-1 and I am looking to purchase the shutter release cable. I live in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada and it is very difficult to find camera stores that stock new or used Konica equipment. Does anyone know where I could go and approx how much it will cost?

In order to use lenses for my Konica I have had to buy an adaptor that allows me to use threded lenses with my bayonet mount. I was lucky enough to find one in an old camera store...the merchant sold it to me for 7$.

Thanks for your responses

-- Anonymous, November 15, 2000


Hi Jeremy... The shutter release cables are occasionally available on eBay for between $40 and $50(US) - If anyone has a more reasonable source I'd like one too!

Also on eBay there are a BUNCH of lenses from $9.00 to several hudred depending on manufarturer and type of lens. Generally though you can get a good 28mm, 135mm and a third party zoom for about $100 for all three.

-- Anonymous, November 15, 2000

That is where I get all my lenses... ok, not every one.. but most.

I have a few websites that sell used konica gear but none of them are anywhere as cheap as eBay's Konica lenses are. You need to be careful though if you are Canadian and buying from someone in the USA. The shipping + Customs + tax can make a good deal into a no-so good deal.

I bought a 17mm f3.5 Soligor lens (beauty!) for $60USD. Had it shipped over the boarder paid $14 in shipping and paid another $15 in Customs + tax. So, that gives me a $89USD lens that would of cost $400 here.

I also pick up a few unwanted 3rd party lenses as well. Like the Sigma 28mm f2.8 for $10.50 USD and a Quantaray 200mm f3.5 for $20usd.

You CAN find deals on eBay, but ALOT of the lenses go TOO high I feel.


-- Anonymous, November 15, 2000

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