Fuji NPS versus Portra

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For interior shots with mixed light, how do the various Portras match up to Fuji NPS. Do they incorprate an extra layer similar to Fuji, and which of the Portras would be recommended? (I'm talking 4x5)


Tim A

-- tim atherton (tim@KairosPhoto.com), November 14, 2000


I don't believe the Kodak Portra films have the 4th layer. There was a View Camera Magazine article last year (?) which compared the two films in mixed lighting conditions. If I remember, NPS was somewhat better in this regard. I just did a night shot exterior which had 5 different light types on NPS. It looked pretty good considering the widely clashing types of illumination.

-- Larry Huppert (Larry.Huppert@mail.com), November 14, 2000.

As far as I know there IS the fourth layer of emulaion in the Portra. Certainly indoor mixed lighting shots I've done (in medium format) look very corrected to me.

-- David Grandy (dgrandy@accesscable.net), November 15, 2000.

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