Exotic High-End Third-Party Glass in FD Mounts

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Periodically, some interesting high-end non-manufacturer lenses made in FD mounts show up on the used market made by companies like Angenieux and Schneider. The Schneider lens I've seen is a 35mm/f:4 shift lens designed for the Leica R series, also made in FD and Nikon mounts. From Angenieux I've seen an 80-200 zoom and a couple of primes--maybe 135mm, maybe 35mm.

I would guess that these kinds of things are probably snapped up by collectors (the Angenieux lenses come in fine wooden presentation boxes), but I'd be curious to know what is out there, and what people have used, and whether anyone thinks they are worth the bucks.

-- David Goldfarb (dgoldfarb@barnard.edu), November 14, 2000

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