Week 9: Exploring with Technology

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What is the real power of the Internet? What does it allow us to do that we couldn't do before? Or do things that we already do, only better?

-- Anonymous, November 13, 2000


The internet provides information to our fingertips. We have access to an infinate amount of information. Information can be provided to us quickly and abundantly. It also allows you to have a library in a computer. It can help you with research and anything else you may need. i feel that this is definetly a tool that helps us.

-- Anonymous, November 14, 2000

The internet gives us the power to connect with other people throughout the world and have information that were not accessible to us before. Research is now available in the comfort of your own home at any time, and knowledge of areas and issues at our fingertips. The internet in my opinion gives the opportunity to reach information at our convenience compared to when we would have to make time to get it elsewhere.

-- Anonymous, November 14, 2000

The internet can be a powerful tool for everyone. It helps us do reserach, have the library at our fingertips, look for information that may have taken us hours or even days to find and helps us to store this information at our fingertips. We can then store this at home where it can be easily accessible to us. It also allows us to communicate to friends and relatives in an instant. We can e-mail each other and have a great time in doing that. We can communicate with people of different cultures and backgounds which otherwise we may not have been able to to. The internet can become better if more safeguards are installed to prevent virus and illegal sites and chat -rooms which are dangerous to young children or even naive adults. Some kind of monitoring system should be implemented to help combat these problems. The power of the internet is at our

-- Anonymous, November 15, 2000

The real power of the internet is truly outstanding. There is such an overwhelming amount of information on the internet that it does become confussing. However, it is a great tool to have at ones finger tips.The internet allows you to buy, sell, and trade on line.You also have the opportunity to reseach and scan photos,design plans and ideas across the world. This is an amazing task all on it's own.

-- Anonymous, November 18, 2000

The real power of the internet is at our fingertips. For example, anyone can enjoy msn.com, the home page for Microsoft's internet service provider. It's loaded with helpful features so you don't have to click and click before reaching the places you most want to visit. Instead, you can check out business, travel, health, games or entertainment, read the daily headlines, stock quotes or shop for gifts or airline tickets right from the home page. Other useful features-yellow and white pages, weather, sports scores and TV listings are also at your fingertips. There's also intelligent e- mail with easy address books and MSN's messenger service so you can talk with friends online.

The internet is a powerful tool that informs, teaches, sells and connects people all over the world.

-- Anonymous, November 18, 2000

The real power of the internet is that it has been able to change the country from an industrial country to a technology country. The internet is able to produce in the corperate world with in seconds . Also the internet is able to bring any form of transition to a complete stop. The internet make it possible to have or get any type of information within a matter of seconds. The internet is a powerful tool. You are able to do any type of business transation at home also medical needs, shop for food clothes and communicate in any state are country.

-- Anonymous, November 19, 2000

The real power of the Internet is the possibility of a centralization of all information imputed through the entire world contribution, the possibility of an instant distribution of this information, and the possibility of a world wide nondiscriminatory access to all this information. Such an instant unity of the contribution from the entire Globe information we couldn’t do before Internet access and because of this we are able now to do every think better if we use its power to improve any aspects of modern life.

-- Anonymous, November 28, 2000

With the internet we have everything at our fingertips. We don't need to leave the house if we don't want to. A perfect example is Christmas shopping; if we do not want to deal with the long lines in department stores we don't have to. Before the internet we had to leave the house, make long distance phone calls,and shop in stores. Now we don't, we can talk to people we know that are in other states, and other countries without picking up the phone. The internet does allow us to do things more efficiently and easier.

-- Anonymous, November 28, 2000

The internet has alowwed people around the world to share information and learning with eachother. It allows us to be connected with people we have never met and places that we have never gone. At any moment, i have the ability to gain information in literally seconds. The internet allows people to obtain a large amount of information, in a very short amount of time. It is an incredible tool for everyone.

-- Anonymous, November 28, 2000

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