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"Singapore has broken the world record for the biggest rubber duck race, sending 100,000 of them down the Singapore River, beating the record of 75,000 set in the US last year. A crowd of 50,000 watched the ducks, which were wearing black plastic sunglasses."

The above snippet shows the US has lost another prime international spot. Where will it end? Discerning persons want to know

From OZ the US looks odd...

Regards :0)

-- Pieter (, November 13, 2000


First America's Cup and now this. But we're appealing to the International Rubber Duck Racing Society (the controlling legal authority) to see if maybe there isn't a prohibition against the ducks wearing eyewear. We may demand a rerace.

-- I'm Here, I'm There (I'm Everywhere@so.beware), November 13, 2000.

I wonder whom they got to paint numbers on all those ducks.

-- David L (, November 13, 2000.

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