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1. how do i make divx, mpeg or avi to vcd file and play it on my dvd player 2. how do i burn it to cd-r

ps. my player support vcd

-- JP (, November 13, 2000


It is not easy but, doesn't require any degree. The only thing you need is about $300 buck.

1./ You need a capture card, 2./ a CD burner and Nero Version 5.0 3./ CD-R or CD-RW

Capture Video and save to mpeg.

If you plan to burn to Video-CD please set resolution to 352x240 29.97 f/s NTSC 352x288 25 f/s PAL

After you get you video you can use Nero to burn to VCD.

You can get Nero 5.0 demo at, a free try, plus serial number $ 49, and full version for under $ 70.

Good luck,


-- Cher (, November 14, 2000.

I already hv nero 5 full version installed, and capture all the photo into jpeg format, but how to use this software is a problem for me I hv try many time but it don't work

So please teach me how am I going to transfer my jpeg into a VCD format and play in the VCD player just like we player flim in the player

Thank & appreciate your kind help

-- conniff (, December 21, 2000.

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