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I am using Dazzle DVC II Video Capute Card on P-iii 733 Mhz with Asus Motherbaord, 128 Mb Ram, 16 Gb SCSI HDD, Yamaha CD RW, I am facing problems regarding the Dazzle Card as Below:

Lots of times I get a message that the device attached to the system is not functioning or this operation cannot be performed when the object is closed.

Secondly please can anyone tell me exzactly as to how i create Video Cd's from the captured MPEG files from VHS player, which can be played in any Video Cd Players and Not on PC's

Pls Help

-- sundeep deokule (sundeep.beegees@mantraonline.com), November 13, 2000


OK, I just show you what I do. I have a Pentium III 600, 128M, 30GHD, a Dazzle DVC special edition, now I can transfer all my VHS tape to VCD that I can play on my DVD player, mine is a chinese make DVD, VCD, SVCD and CD player that it was bought last July from Vientiane, Laos.

I capture my video at 352x240 29.97 f/s NTSC, 352x288 25f/s PAL and save to mpeg then I burn it to Video-CD by used Nero 5.0, you can get this software at www.Nero.com, it is a free try. Work great, after I burn to a CD-R but my DVD will not play CD-RW.

I don't have DVC.II so I don't know your message, but DVC I use Dazzle set up wizard and it help.

-- cher (cher_her@juno.com), November 14, 2000.

Below is a link to a dazzle user message board:


I hope it may answer further questions.

-- Billy, boy, boy, boy (kilingspam@aol.com), November 15, 2000.

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