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Hi Anand:

Hope you found this site OK.

My brief lecture on the Internet

I think that this bboard can provide the website working group with a valuable way of communicating. Using a bboard is a way of transcending the boundaries of time and space based communication: we neither have to be available in the same space, like meeting in person, or in the same time, like using the telephone, to still be able to communicate. Of course, this is only an advantage to those who have Internet access, which is still a tiny, tiny minority of the world's population, and the world's geography. Even in Canada, the number of individuals with regular, affordable access to the Internet is still about 20%. Clearly, the Internet is not going to save the world, nor make the world a more democratic place in the near future, dispite all the corporate-driven hype.

Nonetheless, it can facilitate communication, given its restrictions (Or otherwise, the entire U of C Greens webpage would be useless).

OK, enough about that.

Cool things about this bboard, especially if you know HTML

This bboard is backed by a database that basically takes whatever we say here and sticks it in a database location. When you ask for a that information back, the server takes the content of the database, slaps a template HTML code around it, and serves it to the browser. For this reason, I can do things like this and this. Pretty fancy, eh? I can also do stuff like this: please click here. (don't worry, this opens in a new window.

OK: enough playing. My point is just that what you enter here can be interpreted by the browser as a HTML tags, not just as text. This can have some distinct advantages, especially for us. I can now refer to the Council of Canadians website, and you can see exactly what I mean.

Some real business The reason that I refered to the Council of Canadians is because Cody says that it is a n

-- richard (ribird@ucalgary.ca), November 13, 2000

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