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Hi, I am a newbie in VCD production. Just got my Digital8 camcorder and Pinnacle Studio DV. Pluged the new IEEE 1394 card and I do not have any problem in capturing or editing my movies. After capturing my production I rendered it back to AVI, than I used TMPGEnc to convert it to MPEG. I got 1 minute and a half being encoded in 12 min. I could watch the mpeg on WinDVD and also I could burn it with Nero. The size of the MPEG file is 352X288 and the quality is good. If I make a full screen the mpeg looks bad, getting those squared digitized dots. Also, around the date and time you can see a kind of shadow. I am trying to see the mpeg in full screen mode on my PC and being able to watch it on my TV trough the TV out card. Please give me an advice on what IBm doing wrong and why I donBt get a sharp VCD. The AVI file is very good, only after encoding IBm having problems.


-- Roberto Panait (, November 12, 2000


I first recommed you use a DVD player to out put to your screen the res is closser so the image is only inflated 2:1 vs 4:1 or 8:1.

Second what copperstion engen are you using. I recomed Tmepg(its Free). There are alot of programs out there that will encode your video 2X so making it far worse.

3rd What Avi codec are you using. By all means use ether PICVID Mjepg(free) set to at least 17 or 18 or Huffyuv codec.

See the Faq here to get the best result.

-- Lost and Confused (, November 17, 2000.

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