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UK to spend B#25m to stave off condom shortage

A multi-million pound British donation is to be used to help prevent a condom crisis in the developing world.

The B#25 million to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) will be spent on a range of contraceptives including millions of condoms.

Along with a similar donation from the Netherlands, the cash will help prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS.

Announcing the Government donation, Clare Short, Minister for International Development, said: "The rising demand for contraceptives in the developing world is encouraging. It means that children are born by choice and are therefore more likely to thrive and also that the spread of HIV/Aids is reduced.

"Access to safe contraception and reproductive health services for all is one of the International Development Targets and a core component of Britain's health strategy for the developing world," she said.

The growth in the use of contraceptives has grown dramatically in the last 35 years, up from 10% of couples to around 60% of couples globally. UNFPA anticipates a 40% increase in use over the next 15 years.

Last updated: 21:36 Friday 10th November 2000.

-- Martin Thompson (, November 12, 2000

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