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Could anyone verify if I am right when I have understood that to become an American citizen in 1850/60 would take at least 5 years? I need this information to be sure that my great grandfather was in America the year 1850.

Roar Holmedal

-- Roar Holmedal (, November 12, 2000


I think you are correct. I have my great-grandfather's naturalization document and part of the text in the document contains an affirmation about living there for five years. His document is dated 1865. I will check it out at home this evening, and let you know the details. By the way, the outside of the document has many stamps for voting. I am guessing that he took the document with him when he registered to vote or voted or both.

-- Walt White (, December 11, 2000.

That seems right, in my research on Adolf Sutro (who came to San Francisco in November 1850), there is mention of a declaration of five years residence, and a person who can vouch for the good character of the individual to be granted citizenship.

I can have the pre-printed text of the document for you, should you need it, where the person declared his intention to be American.

-- Wolfgang Schubert (, December 11, 2000.

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