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In Dreamweaver, I can easily convert layers into tables on a plain page. But if the page is connected to a template, the section that I am able to write on won't allow me to convert layers to tables. Does anyone know what I can do or why this happens?

Thank you.

-- John Harrington (, November 11, 2000


Interesting! If you look at the code, you'll see that templates essentially work by inserting comments like and . Dreamweaver uses these to find where the templates are. But the files should be resaveable; you can edit them in BBEdit, for instance.

My guess is that when frames are converted to tables, the whole page is rewritten. If that is so, then Dreamweaver will refuse to complete the command because it doesn't allow changes in code between the coment tags.

Try this; save a copy of the file, then choose Modify:Templates:Detach from template. Then try converting again. If it works this time, you'll know that the problem is as described above. If not, you'll know that the issue has nothing to do with templates.

-- John Hollenbeck (, November 11, 2000.

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