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I agree with the filter recommendations already given. For b&w, a standard yellow (K2 or #8, depending on the company) is necessary, in my view. The yellow-green (X0) is equally good. Orange is great for more contrast. You should, however, look at the filters and consider acquiring multicoated ones, such as the Hoya HMC line. In other words, get the best ones you can, because filters definitely can adversely affect your results by causing a loss of contrast.

The Hexanon 40/1.8 is a great little lens. One lens I strongly recommend is the 24/2.8 -- 24mm is a terrific focal length and I think you'll really like the effect you get from it. Put an object of interest in the foreground and see how the whole thing looks! At the risk of heresy, let me propose a non-Hexanon lens, the Vivitar Series 1 35-85 f2.8. This is a terrific lens, extremely sharp, a very useful focal length range and it is fast -- the f2.8 aperture has been a great help to me a number of times. Finally, this lens has a very impressive close focusing ability. I've taken some great shots of flowers with it.

-- Anonymous, November 10, 2000

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