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Anyone interested in publicly staging Ancient Roman Crucifictions throughout 2001 Lent period in SF Bay Area, full costumed (and disguised) with beards and wigs and heavy make-up, to graphically (Mock) re-enact the cruelty of the Roman method of execution? E-mail me to co-ordinate casting and props and such.

-- Will Mariner (, November 10, 2000


Uh, will this be with totally naked crucified castmembers, or just itty-bitty loin cloths? Do I get to oil-up? Are we limited to three people being crucified? What if "Real" beleivers join in and don't get it? (I guess we'll all have to stay "in character" and pour on the pathos)

-- Ulu (, November 10, 2000.

To Ulu (and others): You can try to re-enacting the true crucifixion scenario stark naked ---but you may get us all arrested! We should best be safe and gird our loins with a skimpy loincloths ---a string around the waste and a 8" by 24" loincloth running between your legs, looped under and over the string in the front and rear with enough extra material to hang down again on both sides (or not!?). "Oiling-Up" to simulate one's sweat from the rigours of the ordeal (the public floggings, the carrying of crossbeams through the streets to a hillside crucifixion site, etc.) would be an appropriate part of the make-up process, along with heavy beards and wigs and brown body make-up, etc.,(ancient Jews were decidedly African). The blood is from the nails were very rarely used-iron was too expensive! More than three crucified people at a time would be great, as this demonstration doesn't have to be a judeo-historical re-enactment, only a demonstration of the brutality of the form of public humiliation and execution under Roman occupation from which a religious fetish has evolved. (Not to mention modern sexual fetishes)

-- Will Mariner (, November 10, 2000.

To stave of monotony, how about including other popular slow-dying shows ?

Turks would drive the stake through the body, from anus up. Good executioners were in demand, because the skill meant the difference between immediate death and a week-long show.

-- M. Python (, November 11, 2000.

Dear Mr. Mariner,

-- Eugene Kennedy (, January 15, 2001.

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