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Fintan please read. We are meeting online 10th Nov (730Pm US Central time) via AOL messenger so download it please. Add me to your buddy list (FCLX2000) as well as Jessica (Jjrlsu)

Jjrlsu: checking to see if your instant messenger is working

FCLX2000: hello FCLX2000: you there Jjrlsu: yes. FCLX2000: awesome FCLX2000: hi there FCLX2000: nice to meet you at last Jjrlsu: nice to meet you too FCLX2000: whats the time there Jjrlsu: did you get my message about choosing an angle FCLX2000: yes Jjrlsu: 730pm FCLX2000: just reading it now FCLX2000: OK, Jjrlsu: i think we need to be careful about doing something that has already been done. my prof. made a really big deal about doing the research to make sure .... FCLX2000: really FCLX2000: ok FCLX2000: well ltets think of something new FCLX2000: lets think of the New New thing FCLX2000: by the way, are you studying an MBA? Jjrlsu: sounds great. i've been thinking forvever. FCLX2000: full time? Jjrlsu: no, masters in marketing

FCLX2000: I noticed you topped the class for the participation makr. your'e a star! FCLX2000: what other ideas do you have? Jjrlsu: yes, full time, hopefully law school next year, i'm trying to finish my ms this summer. FCLX2000: awesome FCLX2000: and where do u live?/ Jjrlsu: that was actually my only idea. i'm thinking something along those lines would be good. we just have to take a new approach to it. FCLX2000: P.S Im in Melbourne Australia (South of Sydney by 600 miles). I doing the MBA full time and I have an internship at JP Morgan Chase lined up for the comming summer. Jjrlsu: i live in baton rouge louisiana. i've lived in new orleans, texas and mississippi. where do you live FCLX2000: hey, do u like Jimmy Buffett?? He is my fav Jjrlsu: yeah he's cool. my sis wants to live in australia for a summer or semester or something. she thinks she is an int'l traveler. FCLX2000: cool,look me up,Ill be i Syd next year from Jan- May FCLX2000: anyway FCLX2000: back to the assignment Jjrlsu: i listen to a lot of jam bands. like widespread panic or phish. something along those lines. FCLX2000: phish is cool FCLX2000: also Dave Mathews and morphine FCLX2000: and Bare Naked ladies FCLX2000: :-) FCLX2000: online publishing still is a good idea, whats the new new twist though we can add? Jjrlsu: as for the project, i was thinking of maybe doing something like napster. where either upcoming or established writers could publish books that would help with exposure for the new writers or as a new way to market novelsfor the established writers. FCLX2000: ok a good idea FCLX2000: there is plenty of info about the Napster model FCLX2000: also, maybe we can look at the different models for getting paid for your contribution. Recently napster have dealt with BMG? I think, to re--launch napster on a royalty basis FCLX2000: so th key will be the payment system Jjrlsu: Ways to make money could include: subscription services, one time fees, or it could be free initially and use the money from advertisement banners to fund the's not fully developed, but i was thinking if we could all look up what's out there we could come together with ideas of what is and isn't working for other websites and combine everything into one website. FCLX2000: I have already written a good essay on the game theory behind Stven Kings approach Jjrlsu: i just sent you an article about napster. FCLX2000: cool FCLX2000: to my email? FCLX2000: got it FCLX2000: readin now FCLX2000: yes thats what I was refering to also FCLX2000: its a good base FCLX2000: shall we pursue that then? Jjrlsu: sure or something like it. FCLX2000: ok FCLX2000: do we have a template to follow? Jjrlsu: the b-model for the sites so far have the authors paying a fee to post it and those who wish to read it pay to download the book. FCLX2000: mm Jjrlsu: i like the template on, but i just wrote a mktg plan and i found that my original outline completely changed by the time i was finished. i can draft a copy of one and we can pass it around to each other and edit where we think changes could be made Jjrlsu: do you have word 2000 FCLX2000: yes Jjrlsu: okay, good me too. then it should not be a problem to attatch and download docs. FCLX2000: are u familliar with the Steven King attempt? Jjrlsu: if we each choose a different color we can see where changes have been made. FCLX2000: good idea Jjrlsu: not really, if you have a copy of your paper you can send it to me so i can read about it. FCLX2000: ok FCLX2000: ill send it on shortly FCLX2000: ok, we should try to establish a regular meeting time FCLX2000: ignore my earlier email of today starting with..."In our last correspondence " FCLX2000: where should we proceed from here? Jjrlsu: yeah. i think so too, especially if this project is due in two weeks. FCLX2000: ok FCLX2000: r u going to start on this project then in the next 24-hrs? Jjrlsu: yeah. i have finished a lot of my other stuff. so, i can definately do a lot this weekend. FCLX2000: cool FCLX2000: ok,this is good progress FCLX2000: what would u like to do....? and what would u like me to do now? Jjrlsu: i sent fintan the link to sign up for free im hopefully he will do it soon FCLX2000: AOL? Jjrlsu: yeah. FCLX2000: ok good FCLX2000: do you want to meet at this time tomorrow? Jjrlsu: maybe. let me email. i could possibly go out of town tom. so we could meet earlier. i'll email you when i find out. FCLX2000: ok FCLX2000: whats the plan then re the work? Are you going to have a go at the templat from b-plans? Thats a lot of work Jjrlsu: i think for now we should check all the sources and look at additional models. FCLX2000: which sources do u mean? Jjrlsu: i don't mind doing a rough draft. it will probably take me less time since i just did one. it will just be an outline and we can divide up work from there. FCLX2000: ok good idea :-D Jjrlsu: sources as in doing using a search engine for self publishing websites and checking out what is already been done. FCLX2000: what would u like me to do then? I dont want to leave all the work to u and overload ur weekend Jjrlsu: look on the isds research page for different places to look. Jjrlsu: here i will send you some websites. FCLX2000: ok thanks Jjrlsu: just summarize different aspects of the business models. Jjrlsu: lets say each person can look at 10 different sites; Jjrlsu: i just sent you the is world web site and it has links to all different search engines. do you think 10 sites is too many? Jjrlsu: i have a tendency to go overboard in research. FCLX2000: Ill prepare a summary of the "best" and worst aspects and Ill focus on the commercial viablity of each . Ill email it around tonight (tmw morning ur time) FCLX2000: yes I have noticed that ;-) Jjrlsu: okay. what time is there. FCLX2000: 1253pm Friday afternoon FCLX2000: so its 753 pm Thur night in the Rouge? Jjrlsu: okay. i'll email you what i find. it is thur. night here. i'm about to go out(bars), but i'll look around on the web tonight and spend some time tomorrow on it and then email you then. Jjrlsu: i don't know what happened to fintan; his server may be down again. FCLX2000: ok, when shall we meet online again? Jjrlsu: either tomorrow at 730 my time or sat. if i go out of town i will email you and let you know. Jjrlsu: do want to email fintan or do want me to. FCLX2000: ok, well i will be here 730pm ur time tmw FCLX2000: Ill email fintan the results of this chat ok Jjrlsu: okay. see ya' tomorrow. FCLX2000: c y'all

-- Anonymous, November 09, 2000

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