[concerning ballot screw-ups] Did anyone else see Susan Sorandon on "today"? she stated that...

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...there were just as many problems in NYC as there were in Flo.

She claims that certain people weren't even on the ballot, that voting mechanizms were broken, etc. etc.

This begs a Question:

If florida residents are allowed to revote, shouldn't the entire country be allowed to re-vote?

-- Questioneer (asking@ques.tions), November 09, 2000


IF people revote, things will change. For starters, many of those who voted for Nader won't revote for Nader. Their point having already been made, they would be free to cast their revote for Gore. (or Bush, as some of them had stated in exit polls that that is where their vote would have gone otherwise) Some people who hadn't voted the first time around will make a point too, some who had voted won't bother the second time around...it will be a different vote.

A new date would have to be set, schools would have to schedule another day off in some areas, parties would have to reorganize a vote effort, the date would have to be WELL publicized..nationally. I just don't see it happening.

I still think it is impossible to revote one county,...as intent is in question as to whom the voter originally voted for. I'd like to think All Americans are honest, but let's BE honest with ourselves..they are not...

-- kritter (kritter@adelphia.net), November 09, 2000.

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