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I've been rather encouraged by Blake to work with you. Has he given you a copy of my reply to him? If not, I'd like to provided a copy to ensure we start off with no further mis-understandings.

Thanks for your example of a business plan. It is very helpful. I've used it as a basis for the project planning. Please refer to a separate mail I'll send you right after this. I'm not aware how I can attach stuff here. Let me know how you feel, especially regarding how the work is cut out. To ensure you don't feel you've been given comparatively more work, I'm happy to swap the sections. Any alterations, just post it over after reading this.

Regarding the concept, I'd like to build from your earlier software concept similar to that of Napster. However, I think the main draw (at least initially) is the free software category. I'm not sure how the competitive landscape is like yet. But I think there are many sites out there with freeware. So, we'll still have to get over this part. Nevertheless, I like the 'free' idea because it can then allow the site to build up traffic quickly. The main idea is to provide potential software developers to test it on a big enough pool of potential users. Once, that is successful, they can then provide new releases that are chargeable. Other features to this site would include alerts, upgrades(especially attractive when it is still free)notification, site organised by customer occupation(example students) and needs(example graphic, text etc). Joey

-- Anonymous, November 09, 2000

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