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China backs Palestinian independence Palestine, Politics, 11/8/2000

China on Tuesday said it backs the establishment of an independence Palestinian state. The statement was made by vice-speaker of China's national assembly, Tian Jiyun, who is currently on a work visit to Morocco.

The Chinese official, who was meeting speaker of the Moroccan house of representatives (lower house of parliament) Abdelouahed Radi, decried the Israeli atrocities perpetrated against the Palestinian people.

He also denounced the use by Israeli forces of sophisticated weaponry against unarmed civilians.

China calls for the resumption of negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis in accordance with relevant United Nations resolutions and the land-for-peace principle, said Jiyun.

-- Martin Thompson (, November 08, 2000


As any bible student knows China will attact Israel with an army of 200,000,000.

-- jax (, November 09, 2000.

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