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I bought my son a T50 for Christmas last year and this year he is asking for a more "manual" camera. I plan on getting him an AE1. In addition I plan on getting him a flash to go with the camera. I would like to get a flash that is compatible with both the T50 and the AE1. The questions are: Would a 244T (or 277T or 299T) flash be compatible with an AE1? Would a 133A (or a 155A, 166A, 199A) flash be compatible with the T50. Thanks in advance for any advise.

-- Brett Snyder (brett_snyder@tivoli.com), November 08, 2000


All but the 133A would be compatible. If memory serves me this was developed for the F-1/FTb/EF cameras and required a CAT adapter for the lens. It would work but would be in real manual mode.

The most flexible flashes are the 299T and 199A in terms of power, aperture settings and having a tilt/telescope head. 299T is very expensive though.

The T series flashes are smarter than the 1xx series in that they have a preflash that figures how far away the subject is and tailors the aperture and power in program mode.

I have the vivitar 4600 and 3500 flashes. They do not have the preflash but are at least as flexible as the others. Since they have modules that attach to the camera you can get a DSC cord that allows you to separate the flash from the body and still have the sensor on the body to determine the exposure. The flashes are easy to find with the modules a little less so. I got the 3500 in mint condition last sunday at a camera show for $25. A store shouldn't want much more.



-- Duane K (dkucheran@creo.com), November 08, 2000.


The 133A flash will also work. The 'CAT' flash is a 133D.


-- Kirby Chilton (kirbyc@prodigy.net), November 09, 2000.

Any A or T series will work with either camera. But the higher the number within a series, the more capable and more powerful the flash. As you go up in each series you have more control and more choices of aperture and such.

If your son wants a more manual camera, I would suggest an FTb or F1 as truely manual, or get an A-1 as it has much more capability.

-- Terry Carraway (TCarraway@compuserve.com), November 09, 2000.

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