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I just inherited a Leitz Focomat IIC which is in excellent condition ecxept that it lacks a proper 35mm negative carrier and has no filter holder in the lamp housing. Can anyone suggest where I can get these things, and/or how best to retofit so I can use polycontrast filters?

-- Carl M. Cohen (, November 08, 2000


try ebay. i have seen carriers up for bid.

-- Ann Clancy (, December 12, 2000.

Just call E. Leitz in Rockleigh, N.J. (201-767-8303) and ask for "Leica Parts." They're great about scrounging up old and esoteric parts. I have a vintage and mint 1C and replaced a missing filter holder in this manner. Meanwhile, feel confident, you now own the best enlarger ever made--period.

-- Larry C. Price (, January 04, 2002.

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