dividing it up?

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Glen & Martin, I sent an email yesterday (the 6th here) about dividing up the work. Did the outline look ok? My email situation got screwed up due to me being laid off at work. No big deal, I was a little angry I didn't get 2 weeks notice, but I guess that is what happens when you are a part time worker/college student. I had to get van to fix me up. Anyway I will do the marketing and part of the management (I may need help in the form of the exectutive summary before I can write some of the management) if that is cool with you two. I can post an old business plan for you to kind of go off of if you want me to-although it isn't technology related. I think it would just kind of help us structure it. What do you think? I am getting little direction or specifics (legnth etc.) from my instructor so I in the dark on what he is expecting. I guess if we just start posting sections we can get a better idea of where to go with this assignment. I will look over the post describing our idea better and get back to you both. I think we are ahead of some of the slackers in my class so that is good. At least we have an idea to build on. Hope all is well,


-- Anonymous, November 07, 2000

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