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Hello all, I have found that my Pioneer DV-525 can play VCD MPEG-1 at 2400 kbit/sec with astonishing clarity. Only problem is I am finding that sometimes when encoding the AVI to VCD MPEG-1, the TMPGEnc encoder sometimes stalls and then encodes the rest of the AVI file as a black screen, but with the sound intact. It always occurs at the very same point within the AVI where quite a bit of motion occurs in the AVI. Any tips on how to get around this? Anyone else see this problem? Note that TMPGEnc encodes it just fine at the standard 1150 kbits/sec bit rate.

I am using Broadway Pro 4.5 to capture the AVI at the highest quality setting (70 MB/min - not 75 MB/min [BWay Pro has bug where 75 MB/min actually results in capture at 55 MB/min]). I've found that TMPGEnc actually produces equal quality VCD MPEG-1 results at the standard bit-rate as does the BWay hardware (impressive). And encoding with TMPGEnc at 2400 kbits/sec is vastly superior to BWay Pro VCD results.

Also, I burn my VCDs with Nero (it's superior to Easy CD Creator in every way!)

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Kevin

-- Kevin (, November 07, 2000


Hi Kevin,

Got the same experience, but it was due to bad AVI. Try play back the AVI passing the point where the MPEG goes black. My Media Player goes black if I play pass this point. If you drag the slider pass this, you will not get to see the error though. In virtualdub you will see an error message saying unable to fetch the frame when you play pass this point. What I did is I set the marker before and after this frame, then delete the frame away (lost one frame), then save the AVI and re-encode.

The bad thing about that method is that it is fix, not a prevention. And if there are more bad frame down the stream, you won't find it until TMPEG goes black again, and you have to cut away the frame again.

Try reducing the bitrate when capturing.


-- Rusman E. Priyana (, November 09, 2000.

Thanks for the response. Yes, after tweaking with this I discovered indeed that one frame was creating the problem, so I deleted it and all worked like a charm. Thanks again!


-- kevin (, November 09, 2000.

My friend, the mean thing you need to do is separate the audio and the video, you must have 2 files separated. So, open the video and the audio separately on tmpgenc, and you'll not have this problem(if persist, uncompact your audio file, that must be a wave file, and then try again, no error)

-- Charles (, March 08, 2005.

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