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Hi guys,

Thought I'd post a few ideas. maybe they might flesh out my idea a bit more!!!

The hub/portal could operate mainly throughout Europe with each country having its own version. E.g for the irish version or (this is just a make up name!!). The advantages of having a distinct version for each country is that the national health service could be linked to it.

The hub would mainly be used by hospitals, medical centres and local GPs. They could use the hub to order supplies from steri strips to radiology equipment. The hub would provide the user to browse the different suppliers and find the best price. The hub could also be used by the national hospitals to post details such as availability of beds, wating lists for operations etc so that patients could be moved to a different hospital if required.

Other features could include health news, government issues on health etc.

By linking the site to the government not only can you link up all hospitals etc but you can also create a sense of trust for the user. The site could be government backed abd would therefore most likely become the hub to use!!! Once the brand develops the idea could spread throughout different countries and eventually become a prominant dot com.

maybe you'd give me some feedback on this,


-- Anonymous, November 07, 2000

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