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I have WinOnCD 3.6, is it good enough to make a still pic vcd? Do I need other programs or patches from Cequadrat site? Can anyone tell me how to do it step by step. Many thanks.

-- Cliff Li (, November 07, 2000


I've tried using WINONCD 3.7 and it has an application specifically designed for photo VCD. I'm not sure if it's also on 3.6 but this is how I did it on 3.7: 1. Choose PHOTO VCD from VCD tab of NEW PROJECT. 2. Create NEW ALBUM, you may customize your album with names, background design. You can also create up to 9 albums. 3. Select the photo files from the FILE LIST window and drag them to the ALBUM folder. Thumbnails of these photos will then be shown within the ALBUM window. You may keep adding files to a filled album or place them in another album. 4. You will need to instruct the computer how long each picture will be displayed when you play the VCD: 5 sec, 10, or indefinite. 5. When you're through, you can start recording the project on CD.

When I tried viewing the project I created, the first screen will be a numbered list of the albums I created. When I press a number on the VCD player remote, say, 2, the second album will be displayed. It will contain numbered thumbnails of the pictures which can be accessed when you press the corresponding number on the remote.

Or you can also choose to play back all the pictures successively.

There are however some VCD players that cannot play back a photo VCD. DOn't be surprised if you experience this because I did. I could only play the VCD on my brothers PANASONIC VCD walkman and not on my SAMSUNG.

-- ian cruz (, November 08, 2000.

WinOnCD3.6 is not made to create VCD photo-album. This feature only starts with WinOnCD3.7PE.

-- MT (, November 12, 2000.

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