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Hi team,

Well Glenn I agree with what you said and we most definately need to make a decicion very soon. If we could perhaps organise a virtual chat for tomorrow at around 1pm Irish time. We can discuss the proposals and come to an agreement, look at the template (sections) maybe divide it up and go off and do our research. I was in touch with Gabe, our team co-ordinator and he informed me that the projects in previous years have benn roughly 20 pages long, give or take a few exceptions. That should be quite manageable between three of us. I suppose it is quality and not quantity at the end of the day.

I have access to timely information with regards new e-commerce technologies. There is vast amounts of information out there on bluetooth, in saying that it is very much a new technology that holds huge potential. If we decide on Bluetooth, I can forward you all on a few valuable links for Bluetooth information. I am only learning about the technology myself.

Hopefully you will all read this in time. It would be better if we can all have made up our minds as to what proposal we want to do by tomorrow, thus saving time. I suppose in a sense what we need to do is start setting deadlines for ourselves so that we get the work done and difficulties can be share and explored. I am rambling on here. I will hopefully talk to you all tomorow. Until then, Maire

-- Anonymous, November 06, 2000

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