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Is anyone familiar with the following two lenses ( the front of each each lens reads):

F-13cm f:12.5 Jos. Schnieder & Co Kreuznach Weitwinkel Anastigmat Dasykar + F-18cm f:12.5 Jos. Schnieder & Co Kreuznach Weitwinkel Anastigmat Dasykar

the apertures on both go from f/12.5 to f/50.

the 13cm seems to easily cover an 8x10 and the 18cm an 11x14 format when stopped down. From an older VIEWCAMERA article, they seem to resemble Series VI Protars by the description and coverage.

The seller of the lenses told me that "Sometime in the early thirties these lenses were replaced by the Angulon"

Does anyone know anything else about these optics? I would be especially interested in anyone who has used wither of these optics in the field. My intention is to use them for B&W contact print work only - with 8x10 and 11x14 formats.



-- Greg Kriss (, November 06, 2000


My information is that the Dasykar lenses were some of the earliest Schneider lenses, so were from the 1920's. They were intended for architectural, interior, and panoramic photography, and also photogrammetry. They were replced by the Angulons in about 1930.

They were for 90 to 110 degrees angle of view and were made from 60mm to 440mm focal lengths.

The 130mm will cover 7" x 9.5" stopped down. The 180mm will cover 7" x 9.5" fully open.

-- John (, November 06, 2000.

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