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Hi Liz and Kofi, I think we should try and plan the exercise as follows (so that we are all focused on the activity):-

Brainstorm on ideas for the business plan - close out by 08/11/00 Agree on idea - close out by 10/11/00 Break up business plan between the three of us for first draft (incl. research) submission - close out by 14/11/00 E-mail (or use hub) sections to one team member - close out by 14/11/00 Pass the document to each of us in turn (each person gets 2 days?!)for comment - close out by 17/11/00 Proof read final draft and add comments - close out by 20/11/00 Submit - close out by 21/11/00

If you have any ideas / comments please advise bulletin board.

Hope the above is OK !



-- Anonymous, November 05, 2000

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