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I is my very amateur understanding that some cameras don't handle 220 film very well. Is the Fuji GS645(wide) able to handle 220 film with no problems and how many exposures will I get?

-- Roger Rouch (, November 04, 2000


Roger...I prefer to use 120 film with any MF camera. I have had problems with tight 220 winding with Mamiya, Pentax and Hassleblad. The Fuji will work fine if you are sure it is loading tight...hold your finger on the full spool, and be sure it winds tight. Also be sure you find a bit a shade to unload 220 film. Even wrap it in foil. 220 film is not the best for avoiding light leaks...use 120 if possible. Todd

-- Todd Frederick (, November 04, 2000.

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