Who are the serious candidates for Episcopal Office in 2004?

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Have you prayed about this issue, and who do you think are the serious candidates for Episcopal Office in 2004? I think about Wilfredt Messiah and Andrew Josias from Africa, as well as Samuel Green, E Earl McCloud JR, Tyler Guidry, John April and Allen Parrott from the USA. What are the strongest points of your candidate and what do you think, your candidate will contribute toward a better connectional AME Church?

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2000


Rev. Hanse;

To be perfectly honest I haven't allocated even a modicum of time to either pray or think about the Bishop Slate in 2004. I'lll cross that bridge after my New Year's Eve 2003 celebration. Who knows, perhaps a candidate will emerge which might attract my attention.I suppose I'm guilty of focusing on the challenges and problems we are confronted with in 2000-2001. I believe the solution to these challenges rest squarely with the people and not necessarilty the bishopric.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2000

I am very, very excited about Elder Guidry running for Bishop!! She is an intelligent, visionary who's love for God motivates all of her actions in an out of church. Elder Guidry does not care if you are in her district or not, what she cares about is being a servant of God and reaching out to all. I do not think it is too early to think about the next Bishops. For it gives us time to be prayerful and supportive of candidates that will make a difference for our denomination. Let's keep Elder Guidry in our prayers and prepare for unity in the church which I know Elder Guidry will do as a Bishop. God bless her for all that she has done and what she is about to do for the lord. Rev. Denise Rogers

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2000

The Reverend George Willis Tyler, Presiding Elder of the Jackson- Greenwood District in the Eighth Episcopal District, is a serious contender for the office of bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Church at its 2004 General Conference.

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2000

Dear Rev. Hanse, Greetings. Thank you for considering me as a serious candidate for the episcopacy. I am humbled yet elated to be counted among those worthy men and women. Let us remain prayerfull by seeking God's counsel and direction.Let's keep the politics out of it as much as in our power lies. I am not about to loose my soul to become a bishop in the AME Church.If God is for you, who can be against you? Ask not what the AME Church can do for you, but what you can do for the Church.Let those seeking the office of bishop outline their vision for the church, after all, where there is no vision, the people perish.I solicit your prayer support as I continue my season of prayer and fasting.

-- Anonymous, November 09, 2000

The No.1 contender coming out of the EIGHT EPISCOPAL District is one who has shown Great Dedication to African Methodism, and unmatchable committment to those inwhich he serves. One who has put in 30 years of his life to the service of the A.M.E. Church and it's parishiners. I'm speaking of a born leader, a great teacher, and most importantly a compassionate, Holy Spirit filled Preacher. I'm Speaking of Presiding Elder George W. Tyler.

-- Anonymous, November 17, 2000

Rev. Hanse,

SHALOM. You have the finger on the pulse of my thoughts. Wilfred Messiah and Earl McCloud,Jr, especially, are the serious contenders for episcopal orders in 2004.

I am convinced that the 2004 General Conference has to elect dr Messiah. He is my colleague in the East Transvaal Conference (19th episcopal District) which just close its session on November 26th, 2000. In this session of the Annual Conference, he demonstrated his love and commitment to the Church by allowing himself to take on board two extra churches that needed to be attached. One of the two churches I was its sherperd sometime ago.

My conversations with him regarding the development of the one and only Theological Seminary in Southern Africa, of the AME Church, has left me with no option but to back him in prayers to the bench of the episcopal leaders of the Church.

He is born in the parsonage, nurtured by the Church, educated by the Church and is willing to reciprocate the love of the Church not only as the bishop of the Church, but right now as its pastor and president of its theological seminary.

Pray with him and support him throughout the journey to bishopric.

-- Anonymous, November 28, 2000

Dear Rev. Hanse

Greetings in the matchless and magnificent name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ. I am glad to see that the people of our zion are not only content with the present but is already focussing their thoughts on the future, and I thank God for that.

As my contribution I would definitely single out three names, these being Wifred Messiah from Africa, definetely a very strong candidate and then Rev. Earl McCloud Jr., as well as Rev. George W. Tyler.

-- Anonymous, January 15, 2001

Brother Hanse

I am Campaign Manager of the most beloved son of the 17th Rev N.Jordan Mkwanazi.He is the most prefered candidate for Bishopric 2004 and is standing on the express ticket of the"Sensational" 17th Seventeenth Episcopal District. He has among other things an excellent profile which the 17th Episcopal District has been looking out for in the process of leadership indigenisation.

The Rev Mkwanazi, who is "Man of the Moment",has never at any one time forgotten about his parent District, the 17th Episcopal, where he has been coming several times in a year to Preach, and Teach in Conference and Christian Education Congress. The value that he has been adding to the district was was publicly appreciated by the lay and clergy delegates who attended the year Christian Education Congres held in Livinstone, Zambia from 24th-26 April 2002.

He is currently, the Senior Pastor of Bethel AME Church in Dallas,Texas in the US and his family is ready to come and reside in Africa soon after being elected Bishop in the year 2004. Please, Brethren take this as official notification and pray for our able and most prefered candidate for the high office. I will be keeping you updated and may God richly bless you.Check on us on the following website.


Rev Royd Mwandu

-- Anonymous, January 03, 2003

I believe that the strong candidates for bishop 2004 are definitely: 1) R.J. King 2) Carolyn Tyler Guidry 3) Thomas Brown and the candidate who looks the strongest is Rev. Eugene McDuffy from the 1st District, who is now building a mega church facility in Philadelphia!

-- Anonymous, January 04, 2003

I pray to God that the following Candidates from Africa Be elected in 2004. And I believe that If people from Africa allow God to show them potential Candiadtes,they will call in pray the following Candidates: Dr Rev Wilfred Messiah--- A dynamic preacher of the AME Church and the Man Behind The Renassaince Of R.R. Wright Seminary.The Other Candidate Is The Rev Phafane Jan Mengoai,Presiding elder of the Garankua District,Powerful sprit filled preacher of the word,A man who for countless years served the African methodist Episcopal Church on the soil of Africa, Nurtured and taught some of the current leading pastors in Africa,His work is visible and known throughout the continent and the Connection. finally the Rev Jordan Mkwanazi, A young Energitic,intellegent and humble servant of the Lord.I want u to pray for these three gentlemen because I believe they are the right Choice for Africa in 2004. Give them A Chance.And Behold God is going to do a new thing.

-- Anonymous, February 18, 2003

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