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Greetings, This question is directed to anyone who uses an AS 5x7. Could you please suggest options on a carrying case or backpack for this camera [metric version], together with 4 lenses [on AS 171mm lens boards], 2 bellows [standard + w.a. bag bellows], meter, cloth, & a small can of air. Film holders will be put in a separate case. Also, I'd like to avoid checking in this equipment when travelling by air. Thanks, BILL

-- William Mitchell (, November 04, 2000


A number of possibilities come to mind. Tamrac makes a series of cases labeled the strongbox. I have one that easily would swallow the equipment you have. It satisfies airline requirements and is a roll on rather than a carry on. F-64 makes a large backpack that will hold up to an 8x10. It was designed to hold a Wisner 8x10. Older models could be airline problems because the side pockets could be compressed only so much. I believe the current models feature zipoff or pop off side pockets. That feature slims the bag. I have both. Either one would be worth invetsigating. The Lowe Trekker series is still another posibility. I have never used/seen one except in ads and recommendations but the larger one may be a contender also. Bob

-- bob moulton (bobmargaretm@home.som), November 04, 2000.

Lightware makes a terrific backpack with stowable strapps and harness. It is built around the shell of their 1420 case. I haven't a problem with it as a carry on, but I haven't flown with it in about two years.

-- Ellis Vener (, November 05, 2000.

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