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I have found an Ilex #3 electronic shutter with 150mm lens. Does anyone have info on these electronic shutters? Can they be operated manually? What kind of electrical requirement are there (battery, 110 volt)??

thanks for anyones response.

-- Kreig (, November 04, 2000


I think Melles Griot took over Ilex, so the following information from a Melles Griot catalog might help.

"To open the shutter a DC signal four times the rated solenoid voltage should be applied to the bi-post connector for three to five milliseconds. To keep the shutter open, a holding DC voltage of one-half the solenoid rating must then be maintained after opening. Removal of this signal will quickly close the shutter." and "Standard solenoids are rated at 48 VDC."

-- Michael Briggs (, November 05, 2000.

I have built a controller for these Shutters. see: for details. George

-- Georg Holderied (, January 25, 2001.

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