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I'm looking for information on James Rasputin(?) Schwabacher of San Francisco, turn of the century.(1900) I believe he was in the printing business or finance.(1920's) He was a patron of opera and theatre. In his travels back East and to Europe he kept an extensive collection (1900-19 of theatre programs from San Francisco,(pre Quake),Chicago, New York and Europe. I have his extensive scrap book of this material, but would like to know more about him. I also have a paper called the "Small Fry Chronicle Chronicle" S.F.1920. He is the featured topic or good natured "roast". Judging by this paper(a spoof),he became well established or at least well-connected with the "movers & shakers" of finance in S.F. Is he related to the Schwabacher Scholarship at S.F. Opera? This is a famous City name-I just can't place it, Help! thanks much.

-- gilda bogdanoff (, November 04, 2000


I believe Mr. James Schwabacher was my grandfather's (Albert) brother. His son Jim is living and he himself is a patron of the opera and theatre.

Best Wishes

J. Schwabacher

-- Jackson Schwabacher (, January 23, 2002.

That is os weird. I'm only twelve yrs. old. Perhaps our anscestors are the same. I don't know anybody else with a last name Of Schwabacher.

James Ciro Schwabacher

-- James Schwabacher (Jcs5061336@AOL.COM), December 15, 2004.

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