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Dear Folk, I'm wondering which Vivitar flash unit would work with my Graflex, with 150mm in Copal 0 or 250mm in Copal 3. I've never used a flash before, and so I don't know how they are rated. Is it for distance or broadcast coverage? Somewhere I read that Vivitar makes a reliable unit; I can't remember if it was their 383 model or 3700? Any advice which would "illuminate" the subject for me would be much appreaciated. By the way, is there a virus in my computer? or what's with the quasi-political stuff that seems to attach itself to the bottom of these discussions? Best, David

-- david clark (doclark@yorku.ca), November 03, 2000


Dear David,

-- David Payumo (dpayumo@home.com), November 04, 2000.

Dear David, As a fellow namesake and toronto university student I am going to give you my honest and expensive opinion, get something more powerful than a Vivitar. Those 283 and 285 are only going to give you something like f/5.6 and f/4 respectively. Yes, they have auto modes for smaller apertures but the confirmation light never goes off for me at those setting. f/5.6 is usually ok for 35mm and 645. 4x5 I would want around f/16-f/22 but I've used f/8. 4x5 I would rather get a Lumedyne (from M&A) or a Metz (Alt's). I really want a Profoto or Dyna-Lite kit but then I am getting unrealistic.

-- David Payumo (dpayumo@home.com), November 04, 2000.

Last question first: the quasi-political stuff appearing in the window at the bottom of the threads is from Philip Greenspun, the owner of this server and the originator of photo.net. Clicking on the link will take you to the larger article or chapter. PG is a pretty good and strongly opinionated writer with some sometimes interesting ideas about society and the internet and commerce.

If you are only using ISO 400 films you might be able to get by with such small flash units at close (out to about 8 feet of range, otherwise you'll want something more powerful like a Lumadyne or Norman 200 or 400 watt seconds battery powered unit or a big Metz 65 "potato masher". Depending on what your subject is of course you might even want more power than that. Flash units are typically rated in either watt seconds (AKA w/s) or guide numbers. Coverage is variable according to the reflector you are using and the distance between the flash to the subject.

-- Ellis Vener (evphoto@insync.net), November 05, 2000.

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