Diana camera.

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Iwas looking uo a site which i came acroos quite by accident.. It was "staged photography" by Anne Aden McDonald currently in NYC... She is also a purveyor of FINE (I MEAN REALLY FINE) Czech +Slovak Photography/photographers.

She has done a series of photographs using this "DIANA" Camera which gives a very soft/defocused image like anti newton/tissue paper feel.

Where and how can i procure such a camera (if still made).

Sean McDonald Stewart

Aberdeen Scotland.

-- Sean (nikonos23@hotmail.com), November 03, 2000


You can get a Holga at Freestyle Sales: http://www.freestylesalesco.com/holga.html http://www.obscurasite.com/toy_home/toy_home.htm http://nav.webring.yahoo.com/hub?ring=toycamring&list

-- Ed Buffaloe (edbuffaloe@unblinkingeye.com), November 04, 2000.

By accident I discovered this website after reading your posting. It may answer some of your questions (for instance, it says the Diana camera is no longer being made). And it has links to other alternative process websites. Good luck!


-- Holly Whiteside (hollywhiteside@oberlin.net), December 04, 2000.

Here, also, is the site of the "Toy Camera Web Ring," which has 81 sites including several one-artist galleries of Diana camera photos.


-- Holly Whiteside (hollywhiteside@oberlin.net), December 04, 2000.

i have seen dianna cameras for sale on ebay from time to time.

-- will olsson (theolssons@hotmail.com), May 17, 2001.

OR: Pick up an old box camera from the 1920's. You'll need one that uses 120 film (many were made for now discontinued 620 film) but they are relatively cheap (~$10 - 20) and can give the same sort of feel.

-- Ron Gratz (rkgratz@mtu.edu), December 05, 2001.

Just remember, shooting with a Diana is kind of "like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're going to get". I have one I bought on e-bay for $50 US. Read as much as you can about them, because they're a "quirky bugger". For instance, be sure to use photo-tape to tape ALL SEAMS on this camera, including the red dot where you read the frame number. They leak light like a sieve. You have to commit to buying a lot of film, taking a lot of shots and recording the info on each, so as to learn how to get what you want. They are far from magic, but every now and then you get a really great shot.

Have fun!

-- Brian Stern (brian@barnettgroup.com), April 03, 2002.

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