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Note: This posting was originally asked by Christine as a response to richard's response to another of Christine's questions. As a function of being the moderator, I think that it warrants its own "Question"... so I have modified it to be a "Question."

Christine's original posting was:

If anarchists believe that certain acts (such as rape) must be restricted or prohibited in order to ensure freedom for all, how do they enforce this restriction? And who decides what exactly should be restricted? Once a set of rules is in place to ensure that certain acts are restricted they quickly become laws. From there the laws pile up, law makers are needed, enforcers are needed, and then we end up with pretty much the same confusing complex system that we already have. Also, if everyone is to be free how can we judge what behavior should be restricted? Intuitively we could say that behavior that harms another individual should be restricted. But as it is we have trouble deciding what is considered to be harmful behavior. Even now we have trouble deciding the limits of freedom of expression (pornography, racist literature, even foul language on TV are just a few examples). And that's only one point to be considered. Anyway, my head is full of thoughts on the issue and I could probably go on for quite awhile but I'll just call it quits here for now. Christine

-- Anonymous, November 03, 2000


Response to Anarchism and crime (unsocial behaiour)

HI there. Okay, I bet no one will ever check this, but I think Bakunin said that you can choose to be in the soci or not. If you commit a crime, there is a punishment, but you chose to do it or not. If not, then you can be hunted down and killed, with no reprocussion. The laws thing ... I think it has to do with the idea that everyone will want to help each other. That things can stay simple because there is more or less a common conduct code that is seen as acceptable (i.e. no one wants someone they loved killed, so don't kill anybody else). I am really not sure, though. I agree with you... who would decide? I hope this would, in some way, help. Andrea

-- Anonymous, November 29, 2000

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