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It's good to be flying again, but it seems like warbirds piloting has deteriorated to british rail standard, I hear there haven't been any squad meets in ages? I noticed a substantial lack of teamwork and communication in the skies...allowing below average pilots like myself to achieve a 95% death rate...with no one around to help, 6 calls are still there though, which is nice. I've noticed members of our squad flying for opposing sides, this is bad, we need all pilots to fly for the allocated airforce, which is allied this tod I believe(french this means you) and we are too often flying freelance, by ourselves, as a sqaud, we don't just fly by the same name but we're supposed to fly joint ops guys. Apologies for the rant 'n rave but teamwork and strategy is going to improve our performance and make this game more fun. By the way, is moggy and haddio still around?


-- Peet (, November 03, 2000


Wellcome back

Peeto, welcome back. It's true that WW2A is splitting in some degree but most of us are willing to switch sides when there is another Arrow. Actually yesterday I was shot down by French, I merely asked it, diving into 109/190 fray with P-38, not much allies around. Only thing that hurt me was that he was too bz to sign my congrats. Otherwise it's ok, free world. Besides, I did not contact squad ch upon loggin in... BTW. it is really terrible to fly alone if not a hi alt scorehawk:(, one almost logs off... Weekend -box-

-- boxter (, November 04, 2000.

Moggy's here, sort of.

Yes Peets, I'm still around but...

I'm not an enrolled Arrow because we all got dumped and since then I've never met anyone online who can enrol me back in.

I don't fly much anymore as I'm crap without EZ mode and just can't get on with the new arenas.

However I do now have a share in a real aeroplane, so RL flying is going great.

Welocome back - how'e your life going? (Bikes, parents, girlfriends, ATC, exams etc)

-- Moggy (, November 05, 2000.

All is well.

Out of the arena, life is good. I have a very dedicated girlfriend, who's keeping me happy when not in the cockpit, left the ATC ages ago, but still fulfilling my aviation interest at college, where I'm doing an aircraft engineering course and I'm still scrounging the occasionnal flight from friends and acquaintences. GCSEs were successfully demolished, with a useful nagging to revise from my sexy girl. Incidentally her name is Laura-Jane. Parents seem to have settled down now, which is good. Mogs great to hear from you again, I'm very interested in this aircraft that you now have a share in, what type? where's it based? With any luck you'll write back to me saying its a 2 seater spitfire! The easy mode problem is quite easily solved, either much practice for use in WW2Arena or simply fly in the Fighter Arena (I think that's what its called), where easy mode has not been abolished yet. There are a noticeable lack of pilots though. Signing off Peet/Peewee.

-- Peewee (, November 05, 2000.

It is a two seat Spitfire!

Did I say Spitfire?

Sorry, meant Piper Colt PA22-108. Based on an old 8th Airforce field at Knettishall in Suffolk (Or perhaps Norfolk. The border gets a tad squiggly round there.)

Where are you studying aircraft engineering? Once you get to know how to fix a duff primer there's a RH seat waiting for you (Trade the fix forr the flight!)

Nice to hear from you

Best regards


-- Moggy (, November 12, 2000.

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