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looking for reference case study from delta funding corporation settles us charges of fair lending and consumer violations.

any info

-- c. blaze (lubuzz828@aol.con), November 03, 2000


On October 6, l992, I had a constructive trust placed on a property t 401 E. llth St., Dover, Ohio. According to a divorce degree, this property was to b sold and 1/4 interest of the appraised value given to me at the time of my youngest child's 18th birthday. Delta financed this property and since that time the owner, my ex-husband, has filed bankruptcy. The property is still vacant and depreciating and we cannot get Delta to take responsbiliy for the money's owed to me. If an accurate title search had been done on this property, my interest would have been protected, as per the constructive trust. It has now been over 3 years and I still do not have any of the money's owed to me, even though we have been through all sorts of legal in's and out's, by the time this is settled I probably will not have anything left, due to attorney's fees, interest on loans required to purchase my new home, etc.

-- Erna Lou Goldsmith (, July 05, 2001.

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