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hi mike (& others),

just passing along some info on Vivitar TX lenses & mounts ...

looks like the TX system came out in the mid-70's, I have a test report from "Modern Photography" April 1976. The system is similar to Tamron's whereby mounts could be swapped allowing one lense to be used on different camera brands. Common mounts were: Canon,Nikon,Minolta,Olympus,Pentax & Konica.

Lenses offered: 28mm f 2.5, 35mm f 2.5, 135 f 2.5 & 200 f 3.5

hope this helps, cheers


-- Anonymous, November 02, 2000


Any other adapters do you recommend getting?

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for the info on the Vivitar TX lenses. So there were only 4 different lenses that used the TX mount I assume then? The: 28mm f 2.5, 35mm f 2.5, 135 f 2.5 & 200 f 3.5?

Other than the Nikon-to-Konica adapter, what adapter do you think would have the most lenses available to use with it? Just wondering because the Konica SLR system is opening up a whole new world full of learning for me. Woohoo. :)

Mike LePard Photography Blue Book Photography Blue Book

-- Anonymous, November 02, 2000

Nikon to Konica adapters


The main attraction with the Konica system is the wonderful color rendition, tonal gradation, liveliness and sharpness of the magical Hexanon lenses.

Some Konica SLR bodies are nice (FS1 has a wonderful solidity and ease to it - the T3 nice features, etc) but the main attraction is still the Hexanon lenses, so I don't really see why put non-Hexanon lenses on a Konica body. Many times you would pay more for less quality, except for one noteable exception, which really brings the summit of 35mm photography to Konica fans with something in their wallet.

This is the use of Leica lenses with their beautiful lower contrast yet color richness on the Konica Hexar. And for this you need no adapter.

Do post any disagreements, as this is a highly opinionated view...

thanks Tapani

-- Anonymous, November 03, 2000

So, you can use Lecia lenses with the Konica SLR?

So, you can use Lecia lenses with the Konica SLR? Am I getting that right?

What do you personally think the very best Hexanon lenses were?


-- Anonymous, November 03, 2000

Leica with Konica

The Hexar is not a SLR, it is a rangefinder.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2000

other adapters, etc ...

hi mike,, I know Konica also offered 2 others: a) Exakta Adapter 2 (Topcon) b) Praktica Adapter 2 (Pentax /screw mt.) for the TX stuff, I believe they only offered those 4 lenses ...

Tamron lenses are readily available & Konica mounts are still kicking around if you can find them.

hope this helps, ciao


-- Anonymous, November 03, 2000

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