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Not the most aesthetically pleasing forum but I accept the need to sort the wheat of serious and interesting postings from the chaff of the bigotted, racist and generally offensive messages which had begun to pervade the old board.

Let's hope that given time this new board can give us the same sorts of opportunities to contact Pudseyites far and wide.

I'm not too happy about having to submit my e-mail address, there is a privacy issue here as well as the decency of the board. How about giving us the option of always submitting the address to Dave but being able to specify whether we want it to appear on the board?

My major gripe is that this new board is tragically slow, any speeding up in prospect?

-- Anonymous, November 02, 2000


This may not be a problem in a few days. Trying to get the old message board back and have it password protected with members having a username of their choice showing, but no email address. The user name would have to have a genuine email address registered with it, but it would not show on the messageboard. If I can get such a system working, would that do the trick?


-- Anonymous, November 02, 2000

I agree Im not too happy about having to submit my e-mail whilst those postings from the chaff and bigotted still post bogus e-mails I do agree that we need an option for our e-mail not to appear to the general public like you have on e-groups Dave.

-- Anonymous, November 02, 2000

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