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We are looking for new and innovative ideas on how to conduct a Goal Alignment session (1-2 days) with the Coordination Team for our site. We are a consumer goods manufacturing site located in Australia. We were hoping to stretch ourselves and maybe get some ideas from different industries, etc. and try to think outside the box a bit. We have followed this basic process for the last couple of years:

Where do we need to be (1yr, 3yrs)? (enviro scan, etc.) Where are we now (on a range performance indicators)? What are the biggest gaps (both stand alone and from a systemic view)? What should we focus on for the following year?

It has been extremely effective in keeping us focused and generating short and long term systemic improvements. We are at a critical point in a long transition from a traditional facility to a principle/team based High Performace Work System. We should start to see some significant benefits of several years of work in the coming year and we are keen to stay one step ahead. Thanks in advance for any ideas!

-- Cathy Zaleha (czaleha@bigpond.net.au), November 01, 2000

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