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FYI everyone: this came in on a list I'm on:

A new issue of 'Studies in Spirituality' has appeared. This Review contains scholarly and specialist articles on spirituality and mysticism. It is a yearly publication of the Titus Brandsma Institute in Nijmegen (The Netherlands).

Please find herewith the contents of issue 10/2000:

KEES WAAIJMAN Lay Spirituality GISBERT GRESHAKE Zum VerhC$ltnis von Theologie und SpiritualitC$t MARK BURROWS At the Boundary of Imagination. Rainer Maria Rilke and the Poetics of Theological Negation RICHARD A. HUTCH Converting Mortal Losses into Vital Gains MACARIO OFILADA MINA Lessons on Spirituality from Zhuang Zi: Dichotomies and beyond Dichotomies between Man and Nature AD DE KEYZER The Spirituality of the Eucharist ANGELA HIBBARD Christina of St. Trond: legend, madwoman, shaman? INGRID PETERSON Angela of Foligno. The Active Life and the Following of Christ ANTON ROTZETTER Angela von Foligno. Das gottschwangere All und der geerdete Gott ILIA DELIO Mirrors and Footprints: Metaphors of Relationship in Clare of AssisiBs Writings ALBRECHT CLASSEN Literary Autobiography and Mystical Vision. Heinrich SeuseBs Contribution to the History of German Literature RITAMARY BRADLEY ^ Julian and the Mystery of Redemption. Those who wish to understand in depth Julian of NorwichBs HEIN BLOMMESTIJN The dark Night in John of the Cross. The Transformational Process PAUL G. KUNTZ ^ Ultimate Religions. Santayana, Spinoza and St. Teresa of Avila WENDY WRIGHT A Wide and Fleshy Love. Images, Imagination, and the Study of Christian Spirituality JOHN SULLIVAN Edith Stein Carmelite BOOK NOTICES

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2000

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