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I decided to get the largest focal distance lens I can use on my 2x3 Graphic. That came out to be 165mm (non - telephoto). Any recomandations? I might use this lens on a 4x5 press so it should cover 4x5 with moderate movements. My budget is limited so a current lens might be too expensive.

-- Sorin Varzaru (svarzaru@bigfoot.com), November 01, 2000


Hi Sorin, Every so often there's a polaroid model 110 camera for sale, moderately priced. The lens works great on 4x5 press cameras


-- Bill Jefferson (jefferw@polaroid.com), November 02, 2000.

Bill, the lens on that camera, while pretty good, it's a 127mm. I already have one in that focal range.

-- Sorin Varzaru (svarzaru@bigfoot.com), November 02, 2000.

I bought an older Zeiss Tessar 165mm in a compur shutter on ebay for about $70. I've used it on an older Graflex 4X5 with outstanding results.

-- William Levitt (light-zone@operamail.com), November 03, 2000.

Watch Shutterbug for a 159mm Wollensack extreme Wide or a 61/2 dagor these are small lenses with huge covering power that can be purchased for around $350 to $400. If your budget permits a 61/2"protar would also be a good choice as would a 165" Angulon usually in the $500.00 to $650.00 range.

-- JDMcglasson (oldcowdog@hotmail.com), November 05, 2000.

You might be able to find a 162mm Optar/Raptar for cheap. I had an old uncoated one that worked great.

-- Guy Ulrich (mav7077@yahoo.com), March 13, 2001.

Sorin, there is not so much difference between 165 and a 150 mm. You would have much more choice in the 150 range including more recent lenses such as Symmar, ApoSymmar, Sironar, ApoSironar, Nikkor W, depending on your budget.

-- Paul Schilliger (pschilliger@smile.ch), March 13, 2001.

I use a C.P.Goerz Berlin Dagor 1:6.8 f=16.5cm in DS Compur. This lens is very sharp (at f:11-16). It nicely covers 4X5 and gives lots of movement on my Technika 23. This is an uncoated lens from the 1930's (I think)

-- John Cooper (d2538@fdn.com), July 22, 2001.

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