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Hi guys,

Looks like the communication hub is now up and running. It is probably time we started canvassing some ideas for our virtual project.

I'll start the ball rolling with:

A millionaires virtual community rather like an ultra exclusive club with entrance requirements etc. The revenue streams are memberships fees, advertising (exclusive advertisers only of course) along with click through sales. Unlike other virtual communities this one is scarce. The content would be millionares chat along with investments and anything else that millionaires do. Image a site were you could be chatting with Bill Gates. It is like an online networking system.

Just a start. I don't have an ego so feel free to criticise, suggest others whatever.

Looking to hear your thoughts, ideas, suggestions.


-- Anonymous, November 01, 2000


Re: Lets Start... Millionairesonline.net

Millionaireonline.net Interesting proposition... There aren't any similar ventures I could find. So scarcity is a definite competitive advantage.

But what could the millionaires possible want to buy off the net which would be unique? Villas, Antiques, Resorts, Investments... Wouldn't these be difficult to support (like how would they be charged for parting their millions)?

For this concept, a few features I could think of...Some online investment portfolio kind of portal application which gives a updated value of the networth. Networking (Chat or bulletin board) based on categorizations (like Internet or Retail or Auto millionaires) is another feature possible.

I am just rambling away while trying to conceptualize about the proposal.. so please bear with my unstructured thoughts. Will get in more ideas as I get them.


-- Anonymous, November 02, 2000


Hi guys,

How are we all doing? Well Glenn maillionnaire net is an interesting concept. However, the kinds of products that millionnaires would want to purchase online are by their very nature very difficult to sell online. For example, expensive jewellery or fine art. These are obviously not commodity products and are very select, however, as Kushal mentioned this concept is not common and this is a plus. I am just trying to think of the feasibility of it. I am going to go off and do a little more research, I will talk to you all tomorrow. Essentaially, we need to make a decision soon and the millionnaire concept is most definately an option. I will get back to you all tomorrow. Maire

-- Anonymous, November 02, 2000

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